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Cassava starch pancakes

Updated on September 4, 2009
  1. Get a pair of scissors
  2. Cut open your packet of Cassava starch
  3. Tip some cassava starch into a pot.
  4. Knock an Egg into the flour
  5. Add some Xylitol or some sugar
  6. Tip some soda, beer, or other fizzy water into mixture
  7. Add a little boiling water
  8. Stir all with chopsticks
  9. Get a Cast Iron Pan and heat it up
  10. Add Rice Bran Oil to Cast Iron Pan
  11. When Oil is Hot
  12. Add the mixed up light and watery flour mix to pan
  13. Let the mixture evenly Coat the Pan
  14. Have a Wok Li flat metal scoop ready
  15. When the Pancake comes a little loose from the pan
  16. Turn down the heat
  17. Turn the Pancake over
  18. Enjoy the look of the pancake in its crispy darker colours
  19. Leave Pancake for a little while on turned down heat
  20. Turn off Pan heat and leave for a while
  21. Cut and Eat Pancake.
  22. You could marinate and fry off some pork, or strip some Chinese sausage and boil to add to pancake mixture.And also to this you could add some stripped Chinese Turnip.

Please give me some feedback,did you give it a go?

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    • profile image

      Diana2064 8 years ago

      I purchase some Cassava Pancake Mix from

    • Barry Wah Lee profile image

      Barry Wah Lee 8 years ago from Auckland

      I ate them straight out of the frying pan after quartering,and another time with blueberries and cream, and another time I added chopped cheese and ripped ham to the mixture.I think you could roll roast duck meat in it .It is so fast to make, I think it is a hunger buster and you do not need to be too fancy.It is also wheat free too,so you can eat it if you have coeliac disease.

    • JamesCurtis profile image

      JamesCurtis 8 years ago

      I've never heard of them, what do you usually eat them with?