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Cast Iron Hibachi Grills - Everything you need to know

Updated on September 12, 2011

A hibachi grill is a popular form of charcoal grill that is portable and easy to use. Dating from the sixth century, hibachi grills were originally used in Japan as braziers. For hundreds of years their main purpose was home heating however over time hibachi grills gained popularity as a portable way to grill food. Today, the hibachi is a cast iron portable grill fuelled mainly by the use of charcoal. The portability of the hibachi is one of the features that make the grill popular in modern society. Hibachi grills are traditional a Japanese heating device that is today used to grill food. Consisting of a round or box-shaped heatproof container, hibachi grills burn charcoal and are used to cook a wide range of meats and vegetables. Originally made form cypress wood and clay, today hibachi grills are most commonly made of cast iron

Cast iron hibachi grills - perfect for portable, high-heat grilling

Why people love their cast iron hibachi grills

Cast iron hibachi grills heat evenly and retain heat well

As with all cast iron cookware, cast iron hibachi grills heat evenly and are very good at retaining heat. This means that they are able to be used both to quickly sear foods over a high heat, or maintain a constant low heat for slow cooking.

Cast iron hibachi grills are affordable

There are now a wide variety of cast iron hibachi grills available today with quality examples priced from as little as $20.

Cast iron hibachi grills are portable

Whilst cast iron can be heavy, cast iron hibachi grills are still comparatively small which makes easily portable and versatile

Cast iron hibachi grills are durable

Cast iron hibachi grills are extremely durable and providing you buy a reputable brand and treat it with a bit of care, your grill will last you a lifetime.

Cast iron hibachi grills are low maintenance

Caring for your cast iron hibachi grill is easy – simply brush with a wire brush after use and spray on a light film of cooking oil to preserve its appearance and prevent rust.

Disadvantages of cast iron hibachi grills

The only real disadvantage of cast iron hibachi grills is their weight. Cast iron is very heavy which makes cast iron hibachi grills unsuitable for anyone who wants a grill they can take long distances without a vehicle such as backpackers or hikers. However there are small cast iron hibachi grills on the market that weigh as little as 15 lbs (such as the Son of Hibachi grill), which could be used for this purpose. Keep in mind you would also need to carry your charcoal. Cast iron hibachi grills are smaller than regular backyard grills which means they not really suited for cooking for large groups. They are best suited to cooking smaller amounts of food such as kabobs, seafood, slices of meat and skewered vegetables.

So which cast iron hibachi grills are the best?

Whilst there are a large number of different hibachi grills on the market today, they vary in quality and price. Probably the best and most transparent way to determine which cast iron hibachi grill is best is to look at the bestselling and the most highly rated hibachi grills available on Amazon. These measures are based on actual customer buying habits and feedback rather than just marketing, so they represent an impartial and trustworthy view on which products are best.

The bestselling cast iron hibachi grill:

The bestselling hibachi grill on Amazon is the Marsh Allen cast iron hibachi grill. The Marsh Allen hibachi grill is a smaller grill weighing in at 18lbs and measuring 3.4 x 18.8 x 10.6 inches. The Marsh Allen grill has 3 position adjustable cooking grids and curved edges to help keep food in place.

This grill would suit anyone who is looking for an basic but affordable cast iron hibachi grill.

The highest-rated cast iron hibachi grill:

The highest rated cast iron hibachi grill on Amazon is the Lodge Logic Hibachi Grill. This is a larger grill, weighing in at 32 pounds and measuring 19 x 10 1/4 x 8 1/4"h, The Lodge Logic Hibachi Grill is pre-seasoned, has 2 adjustable cooking heights, and a flip down door for easy access to the charcoal. This cast iron hibachi grill is the market leader and provides a high level of quality and performance.


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