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Cause and Effect- Our Food Supply is making us sick?

Updated on October 22, 2012
I know  we do not have chemicals!
I know we do not have chemicals! | Source

Its all about money

I quit smoking over 2 years ago, and I had the notion that I would never have sinus infections again, or perhaps the head filling with fluid because it was all caused by smoking. That was a wrong assumption. I knew I had some allergies to MSG and blue cheese, so I avoided these foods. I was still getting ill.

Within the last 2 years I noticed something very strange happening, it affected my sinus cavities, headaches, breathing and general flu like symptoms. I could not possibly be getting sick all the time. I noticed that if I ate ice cream I would start sneezing, multiple bouts of heavy sneezing. Presently I was getting over what I thought was another sinus infection, and I am taking a antibiotic. I started eating a Eddy's small mint chocolate ice cream and as soon as I finished the heavy attack of sneezing started. It also happened one day eating vanilla ice cream on a small piece of apple pie.

I remembered ,before I had this so called sinus infection, and bitter drainage dripping out of my head into my throat and stomach, I had eaten some store brand chocolate marshmellow ice cream. I am thinking what the heck is going on. I started doing some research to find the answer.

The answer lies in "artifical ingredients" and "natural ingredients". I had read and I have seen news articles about the companies making flavors using chemicals for taste, and people called flavorists making big bucks. This is where it starts, and what I refer to as cause and effect.

The cause is money, the effect is sickness. There is no regard for human health, regardless of age, race or gender as long as the companies can make their huge amount of profit. The result will always be the same illness also breeds money.

I had been told many years ago that the cause of our illness in his country was related to something so simple, and it could be corrected so easily. The illness creates a cycle of wealth which includes many individuals and companies. The word " Heath Care" sums it all up.

I researched the artifical colors, flavoring, the word natural contains many additives and chemicals with in its umbrella. Here is a short list:

Artifical colors, flavoring, Artifical sweetners, Benzuate preservative, Bromintel vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, also known now as autolyzid yeast extract, hydrolyzid soy protein, olestra, shortening hydrogenated and many more.

I checked my kitchen pantry and I had to throw away most of my cereals, ritz crackers, macaroni and cheese, puddings, anything that said artifical flavorings, or natural. I realize now that the companies have been developing foods that are really not foods but chemical foods to increase their profits.

The result will be and has been for avery long time the food we are eating, the drinks we are drinking and the chemicals ingested will have the same effect to our system as the cigarettes we smoked or worse. The companies are following the same Laws that were created to allow the use of chemicals and crushed bugs called Cochineal extract.

I grew up in an era where we all made our own foods, no box or prepared foods, no unheathy drinks, we knew what we were eating. We made our own cakes and desserts, our own breads, and pies, uisng fresh fruits. We knew where our produce cam from, usually the USA.

I was never given the choice to know or choose if I wanted to eat chemicals. It appears that we are not entitled to that knowledge in this country. The bottom line is greed and money, and we do not need to purchase these products or give them to our families.

I do not want to feel sick any longer, and I am going back to the old ways of doing things. I will not give these companies any of my money for their products.

I know the cause and I know the effect, and I also know how to protect myself and my loved ones.


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