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Celebration Ideas for National Barbecue Month

Updated on February 27, 2014

Beach Party Surf Music w/Good Animation

By ACW at
By ACW at

May is National Barbecue Month

May begins the grilling, barbecuing, sizzling fun; pleasant aromas stimulate the taste buds and make mouths water as grill masters flaunt their culinary skills. It's time to try new smoking and grilling ideas.

BBQ Month Party

A barbecue pot luck party is an economical way to get the party on, or a beach bash barbecue with pop surf music would be fun. A barbecue and pool party could start Barbecue Month with a bang. Just chilling in the backyard with cool drinks, music, and barbecue is a laid back time with friends and family.

Send BBQ Invitations

There are numerous barbecue party invitation designs such as grills, kabobs, grill masters, hotdogs, hamburgers, utensils icons. Invitations to family barbecues, baby shower barbecues, pig roast invitations, animal grill-masters, western BBQ, and pig out with friends invitations are offered.

Why Not Decorate?

Decorations for a barbecue party can be simple like a home made barbecue banner strung across the backyard. Paper cups, plates, and tablecloths designed for a barbecue are available. Using a red gingham tablecloth and solid colors for cups and plates is an an old fashioned theme. Blue and white gingham is an option.


Western Barbecue Theme

Dress western and request the guests to dress western, play country music or authentic, traditional cowboys songs. Tap and stomp those boots with a line dance, or square dance. Set up card tables and play Texas Hold'em. Play a western board game.

Western Barbecue Decorations

A western party kit creates the atmosphere. A western shoot out prop infuses the O. K. Carral semblance. Try props like a desert, or mountain scene and a saloon sign, and some hanging boots to imbue a western ambiance. Put cowboy balloons at the front door and along the walkway. Use bales of hay for seats, which can be bought at a garden or feed store. Put ice and drinks in wash tubs. Place western wanted posters on the garage, or the front and back door. Use galvanized buckets, or canning kettles for flower arrangements. Send western themed invitations.

Western Barbecue Menu

The vintage western barbecue menu of steaks, ribs, chops, corn-on-the-cob, baked beans, coleslaw, and potato salad is going to be a tasty hit. For dessert have pinwheel dessert biscuits and cobbler.


Hawaiian Barbecue Theme

Women can wear floral print dresses or a grass skirt, a lei around the ankle, or neck adds to the Hawaiian effect. Men can wear Hawaiian style shirts, khaki pants, or shorts. Sandals are footwear for everyone. Hawaiian slack key guitar, ukelele, and steel guitar music will set the party atmosphere. Send tropical themed invitations.

Hawaiian Barbecue or Luau Decorations

Good decorations include pineapples and coconuts placed in the party area. A Hawaiian flower arrangement will brighten up the table, or use a hula girl, tiki hut, or palm tree centerpiece. Tiki and Hibiscus table skirts are decorative. Tiki masks, paper Luau lanterns, and tiki torches are good decorations.


Hawaiian Barbecue Menu

Good menu choices include Hawaiian barbecued chicken, huli huli, Hawaiian beef short ribs, Hawaiian barbecue Kaula pig (pork butt), Hawaiian chicken kabobs, sweet potato fries, grilled Hawaiian snapper, shrimp on sugar cane skewers, and Hawaiian mixed vegetables. These are some dessert ideas: Hawaiian pudding either haupia, or kulolo, Hawaiian tarts, baked bananas, or mango Hawaiian cookies.

Tropical Drinks

These tropical drinks will add zest to the party: Mai tais, Hawaiian lemonade with or without vodka, piña coladas, pineapple iced tea (non-alcoholic), Blue Hawaii’s, and lava flows.

Hawaiian Beers

Hawaiian beer like Kona Longboard Island, CocoNut Porter, Primo, and Big Wave Golden Ale give the barbecue an island flair.


Brazilian Barbecue

The chicken and pork are soaked overnight in a salt, minced garlic, and lime juice marinate. Red meats are not marinated. Put the meats on a rotissereie spit and grill. The meat is presented with Chimmichuri sauce.

Chimmichuri Sauce

It is made with mint, parsley, cilantro, and fresh garlic. Another method uses parsley, oregano, garlic, oil, vinegar, and a small amount of chili pepper to create chimmichuri sauce.

Barbecue at the Campground or Park

A barbecue and camping party is a good way to celebrate National Barbecue Month. No special decorations are needed, the great outdoors and maybe a creek to swim in and the barbecue will create a party atmosphere.

A local park with picnic tables and grills provided is an ideal place to have a barbecue party. Eat. drink, let the kids enjoy the swings and slides and partake of the outdoors in the city.

Outdoor Games

An afternoon barbecue affords the chance to play outdoor games like horse shoes, bean bag toss, croquet, badminton, and ladder toss.

May is going to tee off the barbecue season, and these tips are sure to help inspire the fun.

Barbecue Some Ribs


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