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Celiegirl Conch (konk) Fritters

Updated on December 7, 2012
Free form conch fritters
Free form conch fritters | Source
Ingredients | Source
Conch meat
Conch meat | Source
Batter | Source
Frying fritters in pot of oil
Frying fritters in pot of oil | Source

A Bahamian delicacy!

Conch, Queen conch that is, the local mollusk that grows in the warm waters surrounding the Bahamian islands. The conch can and is taken out of the water fresh, which of course makes the best meals, however it is cooked or not cooked.

The Bahamian conch fritter, is one of the cooked versions of eating conch.

Dough deep fried. It would be considered savory. It can be eaten alone or with a dip.

Dipping sauce


  • ketchup
  • mayo
  • mustard

Conch fritter ingredients

  • Queen conch meat / conch meat
  • onion
  • green pepper
  • flour
  • salt
  • pinch of baking powder
  • egg
  • water / milk
  • ketchup, for color more than taste
  • thyme
  • pepper optional
  • flaxseed meal, optional, i add it to make it healthy.

I prefer to dice all my ingredients up including my conch. I like to get a chunk in every bite and the method of grinding the conch doesn't appeal to me.

Another thing i do is season the conch with salt after dicing, it just gives it a better flavor.

In a bowl all these ingredients are mixed together until moist not too wet and not too dry. The consistency of the batter should be close to waffle batter or a little drier. Too much liquid will not yield the best fritters.

Fritters are known the world over. Every culture has some sort of dough ball mixed with some local fare dropped into hot grease, fried until it turns brown, forming a crunchy layer around a soft interior.

Within every culture there are numerous recipes that are known as fritters but everyone has their own but that is the great thing about fritters. The basic ingredients can be enhanced and tweaked to anyone's taste.

Basic recipe

  • Conch
  • flour
  • salt
  • liquid

Conch fritters are usually served as appetizers or as a snack. They can be found every where in the Bahamas.

They are not known to be healthy! That's an understatement! You've got white flour as the main ingredient binding together whatever you mix in, then you deep fry it in oil, so they should be a treat, maybe!

The Celiegirl version is a little better only because i add flaxseed meal into my batter. But that is where healthy stops, maybe!

Serve them hot or at room temperature, with Vita Malt or Goombay punch, some dipping sauce and you have a taste of heaven.

Remember if you are trying to be healthy, go for a walk or a swim, especially if you are eating them in the Bahamas or in Florida.


Florida Keys version


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