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Century Tuna Philippines Recipes

Updated on March 3, 2011

Century Tuna Philippines

If there’s one thing I love it would be the convenience of having canned food. Imagine, you can be anywhere, stuck in camping perhaps, hanging out with friends, or maybe even just alone at home and hungry, a good canned food would really be convenient, yeah? Well, one thing that you should always have in your arsenal of canned food would be Century Tuna Philippines. It’s something that you can really count on anytime and anywhere.

But just because it’s canned food doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be creative about it anymore. There are so many ways that you can cook canned food that can make it very appetizing and seem like it’s something that was cooked by a true master chef. You might not even need fancy ingredients or cooking methods, all you need is a little reckless creativity.

You can maybe add a bit of chili or peppers to spice things up a bit. Load it up on the stove and stir fry with a bunch of onions and garlic. It doesn’t matter. It’s up to you how you can make this very creative. There are many recipes. Some turn this canned tuna into an omelet and some even cook it with noodles and soup.

Century Tuna
Century Tuna

Philippine Recipes

Century tuna is really a very popular brand that comes from the Philippines. But of course there are also a lot of other brands. We must always keep in mind that competing brands is always good for the consumer. This forces them to increase the quality of their products and services and at the same time lower their price. It also provides a lot of innovation. For instance, now century tuna is also offering corned tuna version of their canned tuna, something that was previously offered only by a competing brand San Marino Tuna.

I actually just watched a movie and opened up a can of century tuna and then I figured I shouldn’t just settle for another microwave meal, especially since there was a really interesting movie that was waiting for me. I didn’t want to waste my movie night on some regular, bland, and ordinary can of tuna that I cooked in the microwave. And so I decided to go online and search for Recipes of century tuna here in the Philippines.

Century tuna recipe with sesame seeds
Century tuna recipe with sesame seeds

Healthy Recipes for Canned Tuna

You can eat it with rice or with bread. Something that’s even more convenient would beat eating it with crackers. It can really change the way you eat crackers and can make the experience even more fulfilling. I really wonder what else I can say about century tuna except that its really so good.

Plus, they say it’s very healthy as well. Tuna is rich in Omega-3 that’s really good for the heart. It’s some sort of oil that comes from the fish, I think, that can really make people’s hearts stronger. It was actually even a popular advertisement they had on TV before. I mean, of course, no one knew really what omega-3 was and throwing references to science around can always help sell a brand.

So what are you waiting for? It’s really about time that you go for the different original and interesting recipes for century tuna. While you’re at it, go check out my food blog and see what other things go through my mind.

Century Tuna TV advertisment


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