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Cereals or Eggs – which work better in breakfast?

Updated on December 12, 2016

Many of us tend to skip the breakfast in the morning. Well, I understand that we all are very busy and sometimes, we just don't find enough time to prepare breakfast. I would be lying if I had said that I never skipped breakfasts. But, as it is said, you learn from your mistakes!

It was my nutritionist who helped me understand that why skipping breakfast is never healthy! She clearly mentioned that a good breakfast helps you to be satiated till you get your lunch. Apart from that, a proper breakfast helps you get all the required nutrients right at the start of the day.

A common choice for breakfast for many of us is cereal. Well, you just have to mix the cereals with milk and you are ready within a minute or so. On weekdays, when you hardly have time to make your breakfast, cereal is probably the most time-effective option. But, did you ever question yourself whether it is a healthy option?

The cons of having cereals in the morning

If you check the labels attached to the cereal packs, you will understand that cereals are pretty high on sugar. According to scientists, the daily consumption of sugar should not be more than 36 grams for men and 20 grams for women. However, a bowl of milk and cereal will usually contain sugar that is something around your daily intake limit. Obviously that is not a health choice.

Secondly, cereals will usually not keep you full for a long time. My personal experience says so and I am sure many of you reading this article will feel similarly. Usually within an hour or so of consuming cereal, I start feeling hungry. If I end up eating something then, it will obviously do no good to my health in terms of calorie intake.

What is the alternative?

Well, the old friend egg is. A couple of eggs in the morning will keep you satiated pretty much till your lunchtime and eggs are healthy anyway. It contains decent amount of protein as well. If you prepare scrambled egg of two, it is not going to have any more than 2 grams of sugar.

How to make really good scrambled eggs?

Preparing Scrambled Eggs is time consuming - so what's the solution?

Well, first of all, you don't have to eat scrambled egg. You can simply boil eggs as well, but I understand that peeling those in the rush morning hours may not seem like a good idea. Well, scrambled eggs can actually be prepared rather quickly:

Beat a couple of eggs into a microwave safe bowl. Add a couple of teaspoons of milk in it. Add some salt and pepper depending on taste. Whisk the same and put inside a microwave on high. Take it out after 45 seconds and then whisk again. Put the bowl inside microwave again, but this time for no more than 30 seconds. That's pretty much it, didn't take more than a couple of minutes right?

What do you prefer for breakfast?

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Egg definitely makes a better breakfast meal when compared to cereal. It's healthy, nutritious and serves the purpose of a breakfast meal. Well, abandoning cereal altogether may not be an option, but for a better health, keeping it as your primary breakfast option may not be a good idea.


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