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Chai Tea Recipe

Updated on September 19, 2012

Indian Chai Tea - not just a beverage

Chai Tea is a bit of misnomer because in India Chai means Tea so calling it Chai Tea is like calling it Tea Tea, which never made any sense to me. But nomenclature aside, I love my Chai. In fact, I look forward to having a nice cup of Chai every morning. For Indians Chai is not just a beverage, its a great social symbol. Chai can be an ice-breaker ( no pun intended) for some new people to get together for, it is also a symbol of hospitality. The small roadside tea stalls are the places where people ( especially youth) hang out and exchange their views, concerns and grapevine over a cup of hot tea. When I was young, I loved listening to my Mom and Aunts while they exchanged the latest gossip over a cup of Chai

. Chai ( especially chai with ginger) is also great during cough and cold to soothe irritated throats. The ginger is very helpful with the cold.

It always surprises me that the beverage that is served as Chai Tea in popular cafes is nothing liek the Chai I am used to. And I always wonder why because Chai is such an easy thing to make, how could somebody get it so wrong. I'm sharing my super simple Chai recipe here, just in case you want to enjoy a cup of authentic Indian Chai.

I prefer my tea made with only milk ( no water) , pretty sweet and with a distinct kick of ginger. You may want to use this recipe as a starting point and tweak the sugar and tea leaf amount to better suite your tastes.

Preparation Time

10 mins

Ingredients for 1 cup of Chai

Milk - 1 cup

Sugar - 1tsp

Tea Leaves - 1 tsp

Grated Ginger - 1/2 tsp

Cardamom - 1

You will also need a seive to sift the tea once its ready.

Measure a cup of milk and pour it in the tea pot.

Add one teaspoon sugar and one teaspoon tea leaves.

Bring it to a boil

Take one cardamom and grind it using something heavy ( like mortar and pestle). Also take a piece of ginger and grate it to half teaspoon of shredded ginger. Add both these things to the boiling tea. Boil it again for 1 minute.

Sift the tea using a seive.

Enjoy your hot cup of tea


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