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Champagne Growers Continue the Traditions of Benedictine Monks

Updated on March 26, 2014

There is a long held tradition that it was Dom Perignon who first invented the sparkling wine we now call champagne. However when we look deeper into the origins of the world’s favourite sparkling wine we soon discover as with many famous tipples it is the monasteries and the monks who worked in them that in fact hold the secrets.

Benedictine Monks

It is widely accepted that it was the Benedictine monks in the 1530’s who discovered the process of making wine sparkling. Dom Perignon did however make improvements to the process of champagne production. The process of champagne production has been refined since the early beginnings but the basic process of bottling the wine before the wine had completely finished the fermentation process; in the 1600’s the addition of sugar to increase the production of bubbles in the wine was probably one of the last major changes to the process.

Grower Champagne

Our modern day counterparts in champagne production are the champagne growers and elect group of champagne producers that oversee the whole process of champagne production. A method afforded to them because they not only produce the champagne themselves but own the vineyards the grapes are grown on. This means that the complete process is under their watchful eye from growing of the grape to delivery to customers doorsteps.

Customers now have the option to order directly from these custodians of champagne production, the internet means that these unique quality wines can be delivered direct to the discerning aficionado and the secrets once held deep within Benedictine monasteries can be sampled by all. Made popular by the French kings and queens of days gone by have become one of the most popular ways to celebrate and send well wishes.

The beauty of champagne growers and the system of direct delivery is that customers can sample quite distinct and unique brands of champagne not available in hyper markets, so the message of congratulations to the recipients has a very special quality. It is often said ‘it is the thought that counts’ and there are few better ways of showing this than by sending a unique bottle of case of champagne direct the doorstep of your loved ones.

The Benedictine monks did not have access to the internet like our modern day champagne growers but the same care and attention goes into the production of every bottle of champagne produced by them.


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