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Brown Rice Porridge - Champorado

Updated on November 7, 2012
Champorado | Source

Champorado: Sweet Rice Porridge

Champorado or Tsampurado is a sweet Filipino rice porridge characterized by the presence of sticky rice/ malagkit and cocoa powder that gives its brownish color. It was influenced by the Mexicans who traded galleon with the early Filipinos many years ago. It was that time that they introduced their champurrado, and until then, it was adapted by the Filipinos.

Champorado is usually served during morning meals and serves as a snack during afternoon. There are a lot of versions of champorado all over the Philippines. But here below is just a recipe inspired by my mother’s cooking in Bicolano version.

You will need:

× ½ cup unsweetened instant cocoa

× ½ cup sugar

× 1 cup sticky rice/ malagkit

× 1 cup coconut milk/ gata

× 2 ½ cups water

× 1 piece pandan leaf

Preparatory Procedures:

1. Combine the unsweetened instant cocoa and sugar into a bowl. Make sure that sugar blends into the cocoa.

2. Add water into the coconut and squeeze it to extract the milk.

Here’s how to cook:

1. Fill a casserole with enough water and pour in the sticky rice.

2. Stir continuously to avoid the rice to stick at the casserole’s bottom side.

3. When the rice is already cooked, add the mixture of cocoa and sugar. Mix it well.

4. Add the pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius) leaf and coconut milk into it then mix. Pandan leaf adds some aroma.

5. Turn off the heat and it’s time to serve it!


× Instead of coconut milk, you can also use evaporated milk. Some people preferred it that way since they are not fond of eating this with coconut milk.

× Instead of pandan leaf, you can also use vanilla extract for an increased aroma.


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