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Cheers To The New Brewery

Updated on July 12, 2011

The News at Noon today on CTV Ottawa featured a story of a local family just east of Ottawa - a small town called Vankleek Hill, Ontario.
I was quite impressed with what this family as a whole accomplished and would like to share their story with you. When and how this all came about is a tale in itself.

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Tim Beauchesne and son Steve were in a bar one night just over five years ago and as the drinking continued, the subject of breweries popped up. Tim mentioned to his son that he was thinking of starting up a brewery and Steve replied" Dad, if you're really serious about this, then I'll quit my job and move my family back home from Toronto so I can help you."

In the morning, after they all sobered up, the dream still sounded like a good idea. Steve kept his promise and packed up his family and home they came to help out Dad with his new enterprise. At a time when most Moms and Dads are thinking about retirement, Tim was thinking of starting all over again, with a dream that kept haunting him.

Five years later, this dream has won the family many awards including "Family Business of the Year".

Employees, now numbering '47', are hired from the surrounding community thus providing much needed income for many people. The family brewery is named 'Beau's All Natural Brewing Company' and can be found at

To involve an entire family in a business adventure like this is a truly remarkable story with a wonderful closeness and sense of pride and accomplishment all wrapped up in to one package. Even the family cat was given a job as head security and patrol officer, willing to work for only kibbles a day. For a cat, those are reasonable wages. But throughout the day and night, this busy member of the family keeps wraps on all the pests that may happen to wander into the warehouse, and some very tasty treats are caught, keeping the brewery clean and pest free.

The brewery is a busy place on weekends as tours take place and as many as four to five hundred people pass through these doors to see how a brewery runs and also to do a little taste testing. The family's first ever produced beer is still the family favorite and remains today as their Hallmark brand which is making this small family quite famous in not only the Ottawa area.

Brewing is now going forward 24 hours a day, five days a week and is soon to run seven days a week.
Fifteen events a month has now leaped upwards to fifty, including events not only around this area but in Montreal and Toronto as well.
The brewery also has a retail store on the premises and sales have skyrocketed.

Interested parties have come forth from Quebec and this can only be promising for expansion. Speaking engagements and the media have produced enormous results and very positive feedback as the years just keep getting busier. Was Dad's idea right? Absolutely. But it takes a lot of dedication, time, love and devotion to produce such a great product and this family certainly has all the positive traits.

Beau's is now working on new product releases to be featured at various festivals around the province. Oktoberfest should be a winner this year along with a Halloween project guaranteed to be a killer.

I've always admired the self employed as it these very adventurous risk takers that provide many of the jobs today that so many are thankful for.

Cheers and Bottoms Up!


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