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Cheesecake cracks while baking? Try this helpfull tip.

Updated on January 7, 2010

Does your cheesecake crack? Try this.

 Hi. I have been baking cheesecakes for many years. I always had the same problem. It cracked. I could never present a cheesecake to my guests without topping it with some sort of fruit topping and as we all know, not everyone likes it. I prefer to spoon the topping on for whomever wanted it. Desperate to find a solution, I consulted with someone who always bakes perfect cheesecakes. While I cannot guarentee that yours will be perfect every time, I do know that this method does work.

Here is what you do. Put a pan of water on the shelf under the shelf you are baking the cheescake.Preheat your oven to 425 degrees. Place your cheesecake in the oven and bake at this temp for 10-12 min. Reduce the temp to 200 degrees and bake for 1hr and 15min. Turn the oven off and leave the cheesecake in the oven for about 3 to 4 hours. The important thing is to NOT open the oven at any time during the baking and cooling process. This will change the temperature and cause the cake to crack.

Good luck and enjoy.


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    • profile image

      mickthetech 8 years ago

      Yes, it's just as good but not pleasing to the eye.

    • Brandon E Newman profile image

      Brandon E Newman 8 years ago from North Texas

      Anyone who has ever baked a cheesecake, knows this. Really. Cracked cheesecake tastes just as good.:)