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Cherry wine

Updated on July 7, 2011
The cherry flavoured goo, pictured from above.
The cherry flavoured goo, pictured from above.
My second attempt at fermentation.
My second attempt at fermentation.
Looks good, smells great!
Looks good, smells great!

The madness continues!

As some of you maybe well aware, I have recently made headway into the dark and mysterious world of home-brew.

After my first foray into D.I.Y liver failure, I was inexpeciably left with an extra demijohn. It looked so sad and lonely, sitting there without so much as a whiff of the hard stuff, it almost brought a tear to my eye. I refrain from posting a picture of the afore mentioned empty gallon jar, for fear of provoking an emotional response from any readers whom have a close relationship with the proverbial falling over juice.

However, fear not! For after much discussion with my much-loved betrothed, it was decided that we were to fill the vacuum within the glass by making an organic strawberry wine. With our minds made up and the necessary pennies put into the hand of the the afore mentioned wife, she was sent on her way to aquire the fruit of choice.

I am sad to report that she failed in this task miserably! She did not come home, as expected with punnet upon punnet of strawberries, instead she had spotted a bargain at the local market and seized upon it with both hands! Proudly she strode through the door with 6 pounds of cherries, somehow bartered for at the incredible price of a mere £2.50!

My heart sank at the loss that I felt at missing out on a summer strawberry tipple. But upon eyeing the multitude of cheaper than cheap cherries, along with the two accompaning lemons she had purchased, my soul was once more rejoycing at the thought of a fruity hooch that would cost next to nothing.

Once again, as with the mead (this was put together just the other week) no particular recipe was stuck to. It was more a hodgepodge of bits and pieces gleaned from the internet.

The cherries were crushed, the kettle boiled, hot water and melted sugar were added in abundance along with the juice of a couple of lemons. Added to this was some yeast and a dash or two of orange juice.

All of this was mixed up in a big bucket and and left to stand. it is obviously far too early to judge how this has turned out. So far all that has been produced is a gallon and half of reddish-purplish goo that sits in a bucket giving of a pungent aroma.

Watch this space for updates!

Update 18/06/2011

The reddish- purplish goo has now been sifted and strained and is looking and smelling more than good. At this stage with the mead experiment, I was less than impressed, but not so with this fruity little number! The attatched photo does not nearly give this brew justice, and I sit here cursing the fact that smello-internet has yet to arrive from a broadband provider near you! If it had I would be an overnight internet sensation and a millionaire to boot : )

Update 07/07/2011

The batch has now been bottled, and a bottle of the red stuff as been sampled down to the very last drop. I was very very happy with the outcome of this little mis-adventure, although it did blow my head off after two glasses! I will definatly be repeating this recipe. The rest of the batch is sitting in a dark cupboard awaiting maturity, or my impatience, whichever comes along first!


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