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Chocolate "N" Cherry Cupcakes. What A Sweet Treat!

Updated on October 13, 2014
Chocolate Cherry cupcakes!
Chocolate Cherry cupcakes! | Source
The chocolate cupcakes stuffed with the cherries.
The chocolate cupcakes stuffed with the cherries. | Source
The flour, pudding mixture.
The flour, pudding mixture. | Source
The 2nd part of the frosting, then combine with the above pudding texture mix.
The 2nd part of the frosting, then combine with the above pudding texture mix. | Source

Cupcakes With Homemade Boiled creamy Frosting.

Chocolate and Cherry what a sweet little combo treat, they just seem to blend so well together in so many desserts. These cupcakes are kind of like a Chocolate covered Cherry, only the cherry is encased in a chocolate cupcake, and the frosting is the cream. These cupcakes are very rich in flavor, and are great for any occasion, or just a nice treat for the family dessert night. They do take a little extra work to make, but it really is worth the effort! So all you need is:


** 1 Box of Chocolate cake mix, make according to the package directions.

** 1 can of cherry pie filing

** Cupcake papers ( I will be using 17 papers)

As a rule you can make 24 cupcakes, but they would be to small, and we will need bigger cupcakes, as we will be cutting a bit out of the center so we can put the cherries in the middle. Bake the cupcakes according to the package directions. When they are done, let them cool completely. Next make the frosting.

Creamy white boiled frosting.

3 tablespoons of flour

3/4 cup of milk

Cook it until it is thick like pudding, stir constantly. You don't want to get lumps in it. Let the mixture cool. And watch it carefully, as you don't want to burn the mixture.

Next you can start the 2nd part of the frosting. ( Note) The frosting may not look like it would frost 17 cupcakes, but it will. If you want to make more frosting you can, or just anticipate making more frosting if you want to.

1 cup of sugar

1/4 cup of butter

1/2 cup of shortening

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

In a bowl cream the above, then add the flour mixture, next beat for 10 minutes. You can then frost your cupcakes. Be sure to put them in the fridge when you are done frosting them. The frosting will also frost a 9 x 13 sheet cake. If you need more frosting you can always double the recipe. as I have already mentioned.

Then you will want to gently cut out a bit from the center of the cupcake, and add 2 cherries and a bit of the cherry sauce, then replace the tops, until all the cupcakes are done. Now with the frosting you will want to be very careful when frosting them. I used a tablespoon and scooped up the frosting and put it dead center and frosted gently around the cupcake, as it will be fragile, and you don't want crumbs in the frosting. You won't really be able to make the frosting look really fancy, as you don't want to disturb the center The frosting is really light and fluffy.. Then just stick toothpicks in the cupcakes and wrap your tray or plate with plastic wrap, and pop in the fridge until you are ready to serve, then just enjoy with a glass of cold milk. These cupcakes are a guaranteed hit for any occasion! And the fun part is you can play around with it , and come up with so many variations! I also really like making them with blueberry pie filling as well, and I make a cream cheese frosting to go with it. so yummy! Or go with a white cake mix, and lemon pie filling, with your choice of frosting. All that is needed is imagination.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and look at my recipe, and I hope you give it a try.


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    • lcbenefield profile image

      lcbenefield 5 years ago from Georgia

      These look so scrumptious. My older brother adores chocolate covered cherries so I am forwarding this recipe to him. Thanks so much for sharing this. I especially like the recipe for frosting. I think I may use it for other desserts. It seems easy enough to do. Voted up and useful.