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The Best Chocolate, Made in Grenada??

Updated on June 5, 2012

Nearly Handmade Chocolate

‘A chocolate bar is better than a gold bar.’

Or, how about this short story, ‘a man found a bottle washed upon the shore. When he opened it a genie popped out who gave him three wishes... one wish was to become irresistible to all women and poof... he turned into a box of chocolates'

There's probably thousands of words written about the wonders and mysteries of chocolate and its magical spell over many people, especially women.

The major brands like Cadbury Schweppes, Mars and Nestle take up most of the shelf space in supermarkets.

One brand of chocolate you won't see there or even in many specialist chocolate shops is Grenadian chocolate.

One of the unique features of Grenadian chocolate is that it hasn't been processed and produced via conveyor belt in a computer controlled environment.

The technology used is based on minor upgrades to the machinery used in the 1900s, before the introduction of mass production.

This gives each bar of chocolate its own character rather than the bland uniformity to which our palettes are accustomed.

And, this chocolate is made on the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada rather somewhere else with a Grenada stamp on it.

Watching how Grenadian chocolate is made helps to appreciate the natural flavour; the cocoa tree with its cocoa pods gently swaying in the breeze down to the wrapped bars of chocolate waiting for delivery to the local Grenadian shops.

The chocolate is very dark, bordering on black. The flavour is more bitter than sweet. And, the organic content depending on your choice of chocolate bar is up to 82 %.

So why sample the delights of Grenadian chocolate? Ok, the packaging doesn't shout gourmet chocolate. But, inside the wrapping is a strong, dark chocolate. It doesn't melt instantly on contact with your tongue. I found it a pretty hard bite.

Chances are you'd sample these chocolate delights as a treat to your palette and to take a rest from consuming mass produced chocolate.

But, don't just take my word. See the reviews of a few recent visitors to the Grenada 'factory' on Trip advisor.

How many chocolate manufacturers will let you tour their factory so you can see all the additives that dilute the taste of pure chocolate ?


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