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Chocolate 's Rich Gift

Updated on May 18, 2013

History of Chcolate

Columbus reported coco beans on his last trip to the Americas. Herman Cortez brought chocolate to Spain in 1544. He added cane sugar to the new chocolate beverage The Spanish love chococlate to this day. The history of chocolate can be found as early as 1000 BC.The Aztec Indians used coco beans to pay taxes. The Aztec's used coco beans in religious services. They also were the first to make chocolate drinks

During the Colonial period hot coco and coffee gained popularity. The Americans did not want to drink British tea. According to chocolate university online, "James Baker opened the first chocolate company in Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1765, based on the advice of John Hannon a penny less Irish immigrant." Chocolate was only available to the nobility because of it's expense. The Industrial Revolution chocolate reduced the cost and variety of chocolate. By the early 1800's chocolate could be purchased by the general public.

Chocolate's Worldwide Addiction

My love affair with chocolate began in Lakewood, Ohio. Malley's Chocolate is extra special. The started business in Lakewood, Ohio in 1935. My favorite selection is the chocolate covered pretzels.

Chocolate Letters

The Dutch have a custom of giving chocolate letters as gifts.Today the letters come many assorted flavors:; dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate. Fancy choices include filled with praline, and decorated with nuts.The custom of giving letters dates back to the Middle Ages when the Catholic Nuns taught children the letters of the alphabet with bread letters.

Chocolate Catagories

Chocolate is composed of two different types. Chocolate and. compound chocolate. Chocolate is pure chocolate. Compound chocolate is a combination of oil and coco beans..

Dutch Processed Chocolate has a milder taste A.Dutch chocolate maker invented the coco press in 1828. According to, "In 1828 Dutch chocolate maker C.J. Van Houten invented the cocoa press. This machine squeezed the cocoa butter out the beans and treated the cocoa with an alkalizing agent to improve the color and flavor. The process became known as "dutching" and cocoa processed this way is called Dutch Chocolate."


Foodnetwork Magazine

Chew.Com of chocolate


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