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Chooks To Go Delivery

Updated on April 21, 2011

Chooks To Go Chicken Delivery

Chooks-To-Go Delivery Philippines
Chooks-To-Go Delivery Philippines

I was in the grocery yesterday and realized that Chooks To Go placed their branches really well especially if you are shopping in a grocery and you can smell their delicious roasted chicken recipe. The images of the chicken and the ones still roasting will really make your mouth water. I know it made me really hungry. I am not sure if the Liempo is still available but it's definitely one of my favorites especially since it's very affordable at only 139 pesos, if I remember correctly.

So imagine if you don't even have to leave home anymore to get the wonderful and delicious roasted chicken of Chooks to GO by having your food delivered directly to your house. It's really hard to be specific as Chooks To Go hasn't really tapped this market yet and haven't really focused on having one general number for all branches. I will update this post as soon as they do. But imagine if they had, right? They really should like how other fast food restaurants in the Philippines are now offering online delivery.

Chooks to go delivery
Chooks to go delivery

Chooks To Go Delivery Number

You don't even have to leave your house to get their chicken. All you have to do is dial a few numbers and you can easily get chooks to go deliverd to your house. It's really so convenient and simple. They even have this new product now, the spicy roasted chicken recipe that they have. You can have that delivered as well if you wanted. No more leaving the house or being hassled of lining up. All you have to do is get Chooks to Go Delivery.

Chooks to go really became very successful and lucrative perhaps because of their marketing techniques. First of all, I guess bounty fresh is already some sort of trusted brand of chicken or poultry sellers in the Philippines. At the same time, they're also bombarding the airwaves with so many ads and associating chooks to go with really trusted endorsers. I remember one of their first ads had Lea Salonga. Now they have funnier ones as well.

TVC of Chooks To GO

Hotline for Chooks To Go Philippines

They were also able to compete with other brands such as Andok's or Baliwag because of this concept that they don't need sauce for their chicken for it to be good. It makes their brand stand out, I guess. I do love the lechon sauce though with roasted chicken. Also, as expected since they just entered the market, their prices are also very low. The Chooks To Go Price for roasted chicken is at around 180, I'm not sure about the exact price but that's really already very big. The competing brands should really think about innovating and creating better products and services or else Chooks To Go will really be left to dominate this market.

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    • ravenblueu profile image

      ravenblueu 6 years ago from Somewhere Tropical

      Yum, I love chooks to go. Thankfully we have a branch near our house so I can go there whenever I crave for one. You need not to bother with a sauce indeed.

    • profile image

      kaori 6 years ago

      yeah I like chooks to go chix, aside from the fact that it's roasted, yes you don't have to worry of a single sauce!