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Choosing Small Deep Fryers

Updated on October 2, 2014


You can use a fryer even if you are single and if you are living on your own. The models designed for singles are small, mini deep fryers. These products are ideal for cooking a tiz fisherman's basket, three-four buffalo wings or a slice of taleggio cheese, but they are not scaleable enough for mkaing dinner for a whole family. What are the features of the best small deep fryers?


The product you use needs to be efficient, meaning that it must use as little energy as possible, but still heat up the oil quickly, and keep it around 375 degrees Fahrenheit for long enough to prepare your food. The smaller oil capacity a fryer has, the quicker it heats up the oil and the food inside it.

The Igenix IG8012 has an oil capacity of 1.2 litres, which makes it a small product, which heats up oil quickly and easily. The less oil a product requires, the less it splatters. Also the higher the bowl of the product is, the less oil splatter you will have to clean up. If you buy such a model, your kitchen will remain clean an free of dirt.

Tip for saving on costs

A good way to save on costs is to use the cheapest type of oil you can. You have to be smart about this at the same time. The cheapest oils are vegetable oils, which are the least healthy. These cooking substances are rich in saturated fats, which might cause inflammation, stroke and diabetes. Don't use sunflower oil or grapeseed oil either. Virgin olive oil is cheap enough, and quite healthy. Lard is also a good option. Duck lard is the best, but don't use chicken lard or pig lard too often. These contain too many unhealthy fats. If you are on a paloe diet I rcommend coconut oil or palm shortenings, but virgin olive oil can be consumed with a paleo diet as well.

Easy to use

I suspect that you don't want to read manuals and spend time learning how to use your deep fryer. The best models can be used straight away. Just fill them up with oil, plug them in, set the timer or thermometer and you are ready to roll.

The most simple models have a bowl which heats up the oil, and a basket inside that lets you put in and remove the food. Good fryers have a plastic top that you can put on the bowl in order to store the oil in case you want to cook in the future.

The simpleness can be a burden. For example the Presto 05411 cooks at only one temperature, 375 Fahrenheit. 99% of dishes are prepared at this temperature, but if you are a real foodie, you might miss the liberty which being able to cook at any temperature provides.

Not a safe way of using a deep fryer.
Not a safe way of using a deep fryer. | Source


An essential feature is a magnetic safety cord. This detaches the product from the wall in case somebody trips over the wire.

The basket inside the fryer must have a plastic handle. Metal handles heat up during use. Even if the handle is covered with plastic use a kitchen cloth to grab it, just to be safe.

Buy a model that has a long wire. Otherwise you could use it only close to the wall. This could make the model hard and dangerous to use.

I like to cook with my fryer on the floor. This means that I don't have to pick it up when it is full of hot oil. On the other hand I have to sit next to it so that nobody approaches while it is cooking my dinner. This is not a big thing if you are single, but you have to look out in case you have pets.


Most small fryers consist of an electric control unit, a body or bowl, and a basket. When you clean it, just remove the basket, sink it into warm soapy water. Don't sink the control and the body into the water, the electric circuits would be destroyed. Sink a soft piece of cloth into warm soapy water. Just rub the cloth against the control unit and the inside of the body. Leave itout for an hour or so and let it dry up. I like to clean the fryer after every use, this way I can guarantee that it remains in good condition as long as possible.


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