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Choosing a Food Scale

Updated on October 2, 2014

Why do you need scales?

If you want to prepare dishes the right way, you need to measure the ingredients accurately. Most of us measure spices inaccurately, putting in a few pinches of each spice. This method is called "dip and sweep" and it leads to inconsistencies.

How many times have you read in a cookbook "use a bowl of milk" or "add a spoon full of sugar". How big a bowl should I use? Do they mean teaspoon or ordinary spoon? It is no wonder that it is common to make 20% errors of measurement when one is not using a scale.

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First of all let's run through the most essential features of a great kitchen food scale.Obviously you don't want to spend your time reading how to manuals, you want to use the product straight away. This is why the product must be easy to use. Two or three buttons are enough, tere is no need to overcomplicate things.

It is just as important that the product is accurate, otherwise we could not use it much. Most products designed for kitchen use can measure with 0.1 ounce or 0.05 ounce precision.

The buttons must be sealed so that the product does not get damaged even if you spill some liquid or food over it. It is just as important that the plate s well attached to the body. These two features make the scale durable.

Models with wide plates are easier to use in my experience, you can measure things in plates of all shapes and sizes with such models.

Some models have displays that are attached to the rest of the scale with a small wire. I like these models a lot, because your view is not obstructed by the bowl or plate you are measuring food in.


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As I mentioned above, it is important for the buttons to be sealed. No matter how handy you are, some liquid and flour are going to fall out of the plate when you are measuring the weight before you start cooking. I recommend for you to buy one with a button that can convert ounces into grams and vice versa. Some cookbooks use ounces others use grams, it gives you freedom if you can easily convert one into another.

I like versions that have a removable control unit. The unit is connected to the model with a wire. This construction allows you to see the display and use the buttons even if you use an extremely wide plate to measure the ingredients.

Energy efficient

I have to admit that I often leave things turned on. I am very affraid that I might burn down my house one day because I leave my iron plugged in. Scales with an auto turn-off functionality are a blessing for me. These turn off automatically after a minute if you do not touch them.

On the other hand this function can be quite annoying if you have to measure many plates in one go. The scale might turn off just a moment before you put on another plate, then you have to turn it on again, this can be quite frustrating. The best types have the auto turn-off function, but it can be turned off. If you do so, the product will work as long as you do not turn it off yourself.


If you live in a small apartment, or you keep a mess in your kitchen you don't have much space to store a scale. Models with small footprints were designed for such circumstances. It is very important that you choose a model with a removable control board if you purchase a small footprint model. Small footprints are often overshadowed by large bowls.


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