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Dark Chocolate Candy with Fruit and Nuts recipe

Updated on June 18, 2013

Dark Chocolate Candy recipe

A healthy plus of this desert is there are no additives. Dark chocolate has flavoniods which have many health benefits that no other food can give you.

This recipe has only three ingredients, so do buy the best dark chocolate and dried fruit available. Healthy desserts are a big hit at parties and this one only has three ingredients.

Prepare a double boiler; fill a pan of water not completely full since you will need to put a mixing glass bowl over the top.

Chunk of dark chocolate with 70% dark chocolate solids in it (much healthier)

Dried cherries

Equal portion of your favorite nut (If allergic to nuts add another dried fruit) apricots and peaches are quite good with dried cherries

Chopped favorite nuts

Chop dried fruit

Chop equal portions of chopped dark chocolate

In the double boiler on low heat, add the chocolate

Melt slowly over low heat

When fully melted (so there is a nice sheen)

Add fruit and nuts and stir until everything is blended

On a cookie sheet covered with wax paper, take the mixture and place equal scoops on the sheet

Refrigerate until firm

Remove from cookie sheet and put in a box for gifts, or serve at your favorite holiday party

Copyright/All Rights Reserved B. A. Williams


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