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Chuck E. Cheese’s – Where Kids Belong

Updated on July 3, 2011
chuck e. cheese's band aka chuck e. band
chuck e. cheese's band aka chuck e. band

Previously known better as the Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza or the Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theater, the Chuck E. Cheese’s is where kids should go to spend their leisure time. It is a one-stop entertainment center where kids will find virtually everything they may ever need to keep them happy all day long. Owned by the CEC Entertainment, Inc., Chuck E.Cheese’s has its headquarter located inIrving, Texas. Symbolized with the mascot of an anthropomorphic mouse, Chuck E. Cheese’s seems like a heaven to children. It is constructed with pizza restaurant as its main concept. Yet, to add more fun, several additions are added. These additions include animatronic shows, amusement rides, arcade games, slides, tubes and other climbing equipments.

Chuck E.Cheese’s was founded by Nolan Bushnell back in the year 1977. At that time, ChuckE.Cheese’s marked its opening as the first pizza restaurant ever that integrates a restaurant with indoor arcades as well as animated entertainment. Then, in the year 1984, it was merged with Showbiz Pizza Place and the name became Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza. It was not until the year 1995 before it changed its name again and this time it became Chuck E. Cheese’s – the name used for the time being.

Chuck E. Cheese’s has now been open for 34 years and it has already managed to have over 542 outlets available throughout the whole world. These outlets exist today because the founder, Bushnell, decided to franchise the brand. As a result, in the year 1979, Robert Brock– from Topeka Inn Management – and Bushnell came to an agreement regarding the Chuck E. Cheese’s brand.

Today, children from all over the world can have a lot of amazing experiences when they pay a visit to the Chuck E. Cheese’s outlets. There usually are age appropriate rides, games, foods, prizes that will suit toddlers up to big kids. Yet, for the rest of the family members, they can usually enjoy pizzas and salad bar, all of which are still fresh.

There are countless pizza menus available at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Fortunately, the pizzas will suit everyone including those that may have some allergies to certain ingredients in pizza. This is because the pizzas baked in the Chuck E. Cheese’s outlets do not havetransfat in them.

In addition to that, none of the meat products produced by Chuck E. Cheese’s have any fillers in them. Yet, to make things even better, Chuck E. Cheese’s does not make products that come with any tree nuts or peanuts. The dough and sauce used in this particular restaurant do not contain any animal fats, either.

Another thing that often attracts kids to come to Chuck E. Cheese’s is the possibility to throw a party. Whether it is a birthday party or an organizational party, there will always be lots of fun to be had when the kids throw their parties at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Better yet, it is even possible to throw a sudden party, that is, a party that comes without any reservations.


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