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Chuy's Mexican Restaurant - Review

Updated on April 20, 2014

Another New Place in Town

We live in the fast-growing city of Rogers, Arkansas. It seems we get a new place to eat just about every week. One of the newest restaurants in town is a chain that has proved to be popular in other areas. It's called Chuy's Mexican Restaurant, and we headed on down there recently to give it a try.

So Many People!

Since it's a new restaurant, and since the chain has a reputation for being popular, the new Chuy's location is often packed. If you go on the weekend, expect to wait an hour. When we got there, the foyer area was full of people, so we wound up standing by the outside doors. The first thing that stands out, other than the sea of people, is the strange artwork, which can only be described as minimalist and unusual. While I liked the look, my kids were baffled at the "poorly-drawn people" on the walls.

Quirky Style

The decor is intentionally quirky, an eclectic mix of Mexican artwork and Elvis, with a heaping amount of plain weirdness. The ceiling, for example, is covered in antique hubcabs. Personally, I quite like the strangeness of it, but it does look a bit cluttered. And I know that some people would be bothered by having all those old hubcaps hanging over their head (Grandma, I'm looking at you).

Fresh and Tasty Food

As for the food, the menu is filled with the kinds of things you would expect to see in many other Mexican restaurant chains across the country: burritos, tacos, chimichangas, taco salads, quesadillas. The difference is that the ingredients seem really fresh, and the presentation is above average. The ranchero sauce was particularly good.

All Hail the Salsa

I especially need to highlight the salsa. It clearly did not come out of a bottle or a giant can. It appeared freshly made, and it tasted great. The tortillas are also freshly made, and you can watch them being prepared and cooked from a window near the front of the dining area.

A Great Place to Eat

Overall, we agreed that this was a great place to eat and an above average experience for a Mexican food chain. Whether or not it's worth the long wait is a matter of opinion. I didn't mind, but I know standing around in the foyer for thirty minutes to an hour drives some people crazy. It might be a good idea to go during off hours.

Our Rating

4 stars for Chuy's is Very Good


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