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Cilantro Surprise!

Updated on July 25, 2010


I got this recipe from a friend who said she didn’t know what it was called and didn’t remember where she found out how to make it. I named it Cilantro Surprise, because its delicious taste was just that, a surprise! Not only does this dish taste GREAT, but it is quick, easy, versatile, healthy, and I’ve actually eaten just this and chips when I didn’t feel like cooking or messing with a lot of clean-up. It’s a great potluck dish and it is so good that you may find yourself making it all the time!


1 can black beans, rinsed & drained

1 can white shoepeg corn

1 large avocado, chopped finely

Fresh cilantro, chopped, ½ to ¾ of a bunch, depending on your tastes

1 or 2 jalapeños, very finely chopped

1 small can chopped ripe olives

Juice of 1 fresh lime

1 red-bell pepper, finely chopped

½ bottle Zesty Italian Dressing

Core Ingredients

First mix the black beans, white shoepeg corn (shoepeg corn is usually on the lower shelves in the store).  I use shoepeg corn because it stays together longer than the regular yellow corn.  To the beans and corn, add chopped red bell pepper, olives, and chopped avocado

Add the Jalapeño

Jalapeños are very caustic to the skin and membranes of the human body.  First cut off the top of the pepper, then split it in half, long-ways.  Now get every seed out and throw them away—they are what make a jalapeño hot.  Now cut each half in thin slices and chop into very small pieces. 

It’s very difficult to get jalapeno off your hands and if you touch yourself, rub your eyes or anything, you’ll be screaming in burning pain!  After touching a jalapeno, one of the best ways to get IT OFF THE HANDS, is to put toothpaste, yes, TOOTHPASTE, on your hands and rub them together really well.  Rinse your hands off next with Dawn dishwashing soap and cool water. Another remedy for jalapeño burn is milk—soak your hands in it.

Final Touches

Add the chopped Cilantro, fresh lime juice and Zesty Italian dressing to the mixture. Unless you like a lot of Cilantro, only use ½ bunch of it. I use ¾ because I’m especially fond of Cilantro!

The next step is very important. Mix everything together well and leave in the refrigerator overnight, preferably. If you cannot leave it in overnight, leave it in the refrigerator for at least 4 or 5 hours, mixing every 30 minutes or so.


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    • Wise_Man_S profile image

      Wise_Man_S 7 years ago from Texas

      No worries Angela_michelle. I have friends who have told me that cilantro tastes like bar soap to them and they hate it. Thanks for rating the hub up anyway~! Wise_Man_S

    • angela_michelle profile image

      Angela Michelle Schultz 7 years ago from United States

      I have to admit, I like almost all foods, except anything that has cilantro on it. I can't stand it. My husband was shocked the first time I tried something with it on it. He's like, "You'll eat anything?" But I can't stand the stuff.

      I still rated the hub up, because I'm sure others will find this great. :)