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How To Make: DIY Cinnamon Sugar French Toast

Updated on April 5, 2015

Cinnamon Sugar French Toast

Cinnamon Sugar French Toast
Cinnamon Sugar French Toast

Cinnamon Sugar French Toast

A breakfast favorite, French Toast has been a go to sweet breakfast treat since possibly as far back as 5th century AD. Just going to show you how beloved this meal really is. Now its safe to assume with time this dish has changed a little, different cooking methods, different toppings, and so on. But the tried and trues have lasted the test of time for a reason, and in that spirit I present to you what I have found to be the most inner child pleasing, sweet tooth tickling, French Toast one can create.

To start with you are going to need the following...


x1 Large pan

x1 spatula

x1 blender or deep bowl

x1 plate ( for soaking your bread )

x1 cutting board ( prepping surface )

Food Items:

x1 bag of your favorite bread ( we like to use Italian Artisan bread )

x1 carton of eggs ( 1 egg per piece of toast if large slices)

x1 stick of butter

x1 tub of sugar and cinnamon mixed (2 parts sugar to 1 part cinnamon)

x1 bag of powdered sugar

x1 jug of milk


Right on, so you have all your goodies laid out before you and are ready to start cooking. Take our pan and about 1 tablespoon of butter and let that start to melt on about 6-7 on your stove top. While that's happening, you can be prepping your bread, take your eggs and crack them into your blender or bowl and add a splash of milk ( splash being just a quick tip of the jug at full pour ). Mix these together well, if your using a blender just pulse it 3-5 times, to much and it quickly turns into a frothy mess.

Take your egg mixture and empty it out onto a plate. ( Only as much as the plate will hold lets not be ridiculous here.) Take your bread and soak each side in the mixture for 2 or 3 seconds. Let the bread drain back onto the plate while you hold it for a second or so. Then place it in your ( hopefully ) now melted butter you started earlier. It should only take about 3-5 minutes per side to cook, check them once or twice to make sure they don't burn, use the provided image above as a guide for color.

Once your bread is finished cooking, take and plate them as you see fit. Take your cinnamon/sugar mix and give it a liberal coating of that sweet sweet goodness. Now for the syrup, drizzle it over the toast in a nice criss-crossing pattern until it is soaked to your personal satisfaction , then finish it off with a good spritz of powdered sugar and a slice of butter on top.

If this naughty treat doesn't just destroy your bodies faith in you, for stuffing your face with what amounts to a sugar cube soaked in butter and wrapped in a piece of maple syrup drenched bread, then you should be left with an over powering sensation of self satisfaction and contentment that may leave you needing a smoke...or a glass of milk.

Breakfast is served.


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