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Cinnabons Made in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Updated on April 24, 2016

Cinnabon replica

This is what your cinnamon bun should look like when done.
This is what your cinnamon bun should look like when done.

Copy Of A CINNABON Cinnamon Roll

You Will need to gather your ingredients first before starting this recipe. You must follow the recipe step by step in order to achieve the true cinnabon flavor.


Gather these ingredients and set them aside to start your dough recipe first.



Take your 1 cup of milk warmed to about 100 degrees and disolve the packet of yeast, mix well into the milk making sure there are no clumps in the bottom of the bowl or on the spoon.

In a large bowl mix together the flour,sugar,salt, butter and eggs. Mix well and then knead the dough until well mixed and doesn't stick to your hands. Knead this into a large ball, Using your hands lightly dusted with flour place into a bowl with a drop of oil in the bottom of the bowl and cover in a warm location to allow to double in size. Once the dough has risen for about an hour you will remove it from the bowl and place on a lightly floured surface to roll out. Take your rolling pin and roll the dough out in the shape of a rectangle. Let this rest for approx. 10 minutes. While this is resting take the cinnamon that you have grated and combine in a bowl with the brownsugar and mix in well. Once you have done this, And your dough has rested take some butter and coat the dough with enough butter to make it even and slowly sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar mix all over the dough. Once you have done this you will want to roll the dough up and seal it with a little bit of water on a paint brush to allow the seam to stick during the baking process. After you have done this cut the roll into 1/2 inch sections and place on a baking sheet and allow to rise again until doubled again in size. About another 30 minutes should be enough time.


Finally the last step in this recipe is the baking and the frosting of the cinnamon buns. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do.

Bake the rolls in a preheated oven until golden brown about 15 minutes, While rolls are baking, Beat together the cream cheese and butter with the confectioner sugar and vanilla and salt. You will want to spread the frosting on the cinnamon buns as soon as they have cooled but just for a few minutes as the best time to add the frosting is while they are still warm and will disolve the frosting allowing it to soak into the cinnamon bun

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    • profile image

      Hub Page 5 years ago

      Thank You all for commenting and sharing!

    • profile image

      Thinknoodles 5 years ago

      thanks! best recipe ive ever tried. check out my website!

    • profile image

      KAthy 5 years ago

      I loved the recipe ! Only adjustment I would make would probably be not to add so much sugar in the cream cheese icing, I found it way too sweet.

    • profile image

      Graciasdenada 5 years ago

      I have the book 'Top Secret Recipes' and they have a Cinnabon recipe in there which is similar. The measurement of the dough rectangle is noted as 21 x 16 inches. Also the cut of the roll is noted at 1 3/4 inch intervals. I used a serrated bread knife to cut them and that worked well. On Also, the author suggests a tip for rising yeast bread to boil a pot of water and put it in the oven one rack below the rack of your bowl of yeast bread which is waiting to rise in the non-heated oven. This worked well. I like the idea of the one poster of adding lemon extract to the frosting recipe as well as some cinnamon and vanilla to the dough,bill have to try.

      Make sure to double the frosting and brown sugar portions so you have more than enough to slather on, you can always save for later. The Cinnabon recipe in this book calls for margarine everything. Made two batches of frosting, one with butter one with margarine. Had hubby do blind taste test and he liked margarine side better. Realized that margarine comes w/salt whereas butter was unsalted. He likes things really salty so that was why. I liked the butter one. Ended up just blending them both and using that. Placing the rack above the middle position makes sense and will try next time. Even with parchment paper they seem to get browner underneath so that should fix it. May take longer to cook but will be worth it.

    • profile image

      Kipi 6 years ago

      This recipe was great. I followed the recipe with the following recommendations. Warm milk+yeast, all Margarine, placed dough in oven four an hour to rise. ....I don't bake that often

      So they were a little over baked. But the taste was all cinnabon

    • profile image

      Sallee Barton 6 years ago

      I loved your cinnabons but found I needed more details how to make them. Since I am a new baker it would have helped. One thing was how big should the rectangle be? It was so big that I had to make more for the center. I would make it again.

    • profile image

      Despina Mammis 6 years ago

      I just made this recipe, and what can I say...JUST AMAZING!!!

    • profile image

      Eas 6 years ago

      Splenda can be substituted my friend is a diabetic and I made her these rolls but used splenda for all the sugar. Even made splenda powdered sugar from a receipe I found online. She loved them.

    • tona37211 profile image

      Tonya Kirkpatrick 6 years ago from Nashville TN

      You should be able to substitute. I would recommend looking up the chart that would tell you how much to substitute. I don't know anything about the substitution changes as I don't have that concern. Thanks.

    • profile image

      sweet tooth 6 years ago

      Can sugar be substituted with canderal or equisweet for diabetics??

    • profile image

      rt 6 years ago

      great recipe,but,l am wondering if sugars can be replaced with splenda for diabetics or weight watchers?

    • profile image

      Eydie 6 years ago

      I am a huge Cinnabon fan and I made this without the eggs as I don't recall eggs being in the dough. Maybe so /maybe not. But to do that, you'll have to increase the milk. I too have watched them roll it out and butter the face up rectangle before adding the cinnamon mixture. The trick of the rising is making sure the yeast is active before adding any dry ingredients. Let the dissolved yeast rest with the sugar and get foamy before adding flour. Give the yeast plenty of time to rise in an oven with the oven light on. The heat from the oven light bulb does a good job of creating a draft free very warm environment.

    • profile image

      Paramitha Nasimova 6 years ago

      I've made it twice with this recipe! Nothing is wrong, just need to pay attention and no rush :) You will see this recipe is awesome! I ? to eat it every morning! And now I'm craving with the chocolate flavour, anyone have the recipe? ;)

    • profile image

      Nicole 6 years ago

      This was great! I added my own flare to it, but good foundation.

    • profile image

      BOB 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Saf 7 years ago

      I've been using this recipe (with X-cinnabon manager's tips) and it comes out perfect!

    • profile image

      jed 7 years ago

      my sister made them and they rocked!!!

    • profile image

      HMMM.... 7 years ago

      Ummmm, when I baked them, they were hard as rock!! But that's probably because i did it wrong.. :( oooppps....

    • profile image

      X-cinnabonManager 7 years ago

      This recipe seems pretty close (I used to make everything in HUGE quantities) but there are a few things that don't fit.

      Cinnabon uses margarine all the time (you can tell the difference) throw a bit of high quality cinnamon and vanilla in the dough and add some lemon extract into the frosting.

      They rise the dough in the fridge for min 4 hours and then roll it out as quickly as possible. once its rolled, 1/2 stick of room temp margarine is spread evenly (except for 1/2-1 inch of the bottom side.

      spread cinnamon mixture and start to roll, from the middle out. the dough should not need to be moistened to keep seam closed.

      once its rolled let it sit on top of the seam for about two mins. measure out 2inch sections and cut with a really really SHARP knife. if you use a dull knife your going to ruin the rolls.

      Set them into a pan, leaving a good inch of space between each roll and let them rise again in a warm warm place. (the bakery uses a proofer which is just a cabinet keeping it a humid 25 degrees and has it sit in there for 1hour.)

      you want the insides of the rolls to peak before you bake em and you want all of the sides to be touching(or at least most of them)

      Good luck!

    • profile image

      Sharon 7 years ago

      If you are having trouble getting the yeast dissolved, you can dissolve the yeast into 1/4 cup of warm water first then add the milk. Add some of the sugar to the water and yeast mixture, the sugar gives the yeast something to eat and will proof faster.

    • profile image

      adriana 7 years ago

      Try to warm the milk until your finger can tolerate the heat; then you add the yeast, once disolved put it in the dough, cover it and leave it in a really warm place like the top of the stove. You'll see the dough doble the size

    • profile image

      Kym 7 years ago

      the recipe sounded great, but the results were a bit disappointing. I wouldn't use instant yeast again-I'd stick with traditional. the dough didn't rise much at all. it certainly never doubled in size.

      for the glaze, I would double the cream cheese, and half the icing sugar. and cut out the vanilla. and I would advise people to cook the buns higher up in the oven than they cook other things. mine were burned on the bottom before they were "golden" on the top.

    • profile image

      Kellie 7 years ago

      Hi! Loved the recipe and didn't have any trouble with the dough rising! This has been my favorite homemade cinnamon roll ever. The frosting is excellent!

    • profile image

      JoJo 7 years ago

      i love cinnabon.. does anyone know the real chocobon recipe?

    • paul thompson profile image

      paul thompson 7 years ago from manchester,nh

      i have made them 4 times in my bread maker on the dough siting.add the yeast to the milk let sit. but i double the brown sugar and the buter .i went to the mall and watched them make CINNABON . thay spread the buter 1/2 cup on the dough and a lots of brown sugar cinnamn double ,besides that good Recipe. thanks

    • profile image

      Kat 7 years ago

      They are a great copy! Will definitely make again, without adding the yeast to the milk, just place in the mix! I made about 20.

    • profile image

      Sean 8 years ago

      I'd have to say for a copy of a Cinnabon they need to be waaaay bigger than 1/2 inch sections more like 1.5 to 2 inches, also you normally don't want to mix the yeast up that much it makes it not rise as well. And last I sprinkled a little more brown sugar and cinnamon on top after they rose so it gave it that little extra ooey gooeyness like cinnabon

    • profile image

      steve 8 years ago

      How many servings or rolls can be made with the quantity of ingredients you specified in the recipe?

    • profile image

      mai 8 years ago

      you forgot to mention that the milk/yeast mixture goes with the flour mixture =_=;;;

    • profile image

      Lene 8 years ago

      I've tried this recipe and my dough wouldn't rise. My mother said it is because I have desolved the Instant Yeast in warm milk. The heat probably killed the raising. I'm gonna try again today withou desolving it.