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Cinnamon Roll Cake Recipe

Updated on February 19, 2012

Do you kids always ask for a sweet breakfast? Well I have one that once in a while you can give them. It's a cinnamon roll cake, just as warm and goey like the individual cinnamon rolls! This is one of the best cakes I have ever made, and I bet you already have all of the ingredients. Its such an easy recipe anyone can do it. Everyone loves a great cinnamon roll and now you can make a huge one without all of the hard work. If you interested keep reading for directions and ingredients, and go make one right now! :) Thanks so much for reading!

Things you will need and Directions♥

Cake Ingredients:

2 1/2 cup flour
1/4 tsp.salt
1 cup sugar
4 tsp. baking powder
1 2/3 cup milk
2 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla
1/2 cup of melted butter

Topping Ingredients:

1 cup of softened butter
1 cup brown sugar
2 Tbsp. flour
1 1/2 Tbsp. cinnamon

Glaze Ingredients:

2 c. powdered sugar
1/4 cup milk
1 tsp. vanilla

Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a medium size bowl mix together cake ingredients except melted butter. Then slowly stir in melted butter and pour into a 13X9 inch pan. In another bowl or the same bowl you used to mix together the cake ingredients mix together all of the topping ingredients and swirl onto the cake batter in the pan. Bake for 30 minutes, and when done mix together your glaze ingredients and pour onto cake:) Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy your delicious cinnamon roll cake! Leave your feedback below.


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    • kayyluh profile image

      kayyluh 6 years ago

      I'm sure he will Vespawoolf! I know my man did. :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • vespawoolf profile image

      vespawoolf 6 years ago from Peru, South America

      My hubby loves cinnamon rolls and cake, so he would surely love this! I look forward to trying it. Thank you for sharing.

    • kayyluh profile image

      kayyluh 6 years ago

      Thanks shai! I'm glad you enjoyed it! If you ever try it out please let me know how it turns out. Thanks for voting. :)

    • shai77 profile image

      Chen 6 years ago

      Hi Kayyluh :-)

      Wonderful recipe and looks so delicious.

      Rated and voted!

    • kayyluh profile image

      kayyluh 6 years ago

      Thanks Nell Rose!:) And I know exactly what you mean, when I'm about to vomit thats when I quit. Thanks again I hope if you try it out you let me know how it goes:)

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

      Sounds amazing! trouble is with me, once I start eating them I won't stop! haha! rated up! cheers nell

    • kayyluh profile image

      kayyluh 6 years ago

      I know right! Its so tempting to try and eat it all, but we don't want any tummy aches. I'm glad you liked the recipe if you decide to bake one let me know how it turns out, thanks for the comment Colleen!:)

    • Colleenmt profile image

      Colleenmt 6 years ago from Milwaukee, WI

      This looks too good...I think I would eat the whole thing!

    • kayyluh profile image

      kayyluh 6 years ago

      Thanks! You really should try it, it's like a giant cinnamon roll so tasty! Thanks for reading :)

    • kayyluh profile image

      kayyluh 6 years ago

      Thanks so much amberld! It tastes even better than it looks, let me know how it turns out! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

    • kayyluh profile image

      kayyluh 6 years ago

      You should it is one of the best cake recipes out there in my opinion! Thanks for commenting so glad you stopped bye:)

    • randomcreative profile image

      Rose Clearfield 6 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      What a great shortcut for traditional cinnamon rolls! I will give this a try sometime.

    • amberld profile image

      Amber Dahnke 6 years ago from New Glarus, WI

      This is similar to my cinnamon cake recipe, will have to try yours when I don't have a cake mix available as a base. looks delicious! Voted up and SHARED!

    • rjsadowski profile image

      rjsadowski 6 years ago

      This recipe sounds delicious. I will add it to my list of recipes to try.

    • kayyluh profile image

      kayyluh 6 years ago

      I know right! :) The best thing about this recipe is there isn't any hard to find ingredients its short and simple! I'm glad you liked it thanks for reading Brianna:)

    • profile image

      Brianna Stuart 6 years ago

      This looks so delicious right now :) I'm hungry