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Cinnamon compete the most important categories of drugs

Updated on June 10, 2015
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I am a Lebanese girl and I am graduated in law, i like to write about many topics, and i like to express myself through writing...

Cinnamon is considered one of the oldest kinds of spices and most universally -consuming to sweeten foods and beverages. Remarkably also traditional medicine classified it among the basic natural materials to heal and prevent disease.

Scientists found through their research that the multiple use of cinnamon in the dishes and certain foods may be effective in calming multiple common problems, Not only limited to health but also to beauty, including:

Heal inflammation: cinnamon can ease inflammation, because of its antioxidant properties and its ability to fight bacteria.

Reduce flu symptoms: cinnamon used in Asia and Europe in order to relieve symptoms of colds and flu, through mixing it with ginger, which in turn possess valuable health benefits, like the elimination of nausea, and treatment of respiratory problems, cough, cold, sore throat, and stimulate blood circulation,and it regulates bowel movement and has a positive impact in the digestive tract, as well as anti-cancer properties.

Relieve stomach ache: by mixing honey with cinnamon, we can treat stomach aches, Due to its properties in fighting the fungal and bacteria. Besides that this mixture improves ulcers and reduces gases in the abdomen.

Relieve muscle: The cinnamon analgesic for muscle aches, since it interacts with the substance prostaglandin, which contributes to relax muscles and reduce them.

Anti- bacteria: Cinnamon is considered pesticides bactericidal, and is noteworthy that the majority of aromatic herbs have the ability to reduce fungal infections and to reduce the number of bacteria.

Lost blood compensation: cinnamon used since ancient times to help women who lose a lot of blood during the menstrual cycle, whether due to endometriosis or uterine fibroids or bleeding following childbirth or abortion.

Improve the appearance of the skin: dermatologists in French Grenoble University, found that cinnamon’s extracts constitute an effective means to reduce cellulite, and researches has shown that it makes skin more beautiful.

Correct and effective ways to use cinnamon:

  • Mixing a few oil drops of cinnamon with water or vodka in order to get mixture can be sprayed in the room to remove germs and odors.

  • It is recommended to add a sprinkle of cinnamon powder to a cup of tea to increase the energy in the body.

  • Add half tablespoon of cinnamon to a cup of tea with lemon and honey or ginger to treat cold and flu.

  • To reduce facial redness and swollen skin and acne scars scientists invented a natural holder consists of two tablespoons of honey and a tablespoon of cinnamon. mix all these ingredients together and disseminate this paste on the face and leave it for thirty minutes and then rinsed with warm water by doing circular movements in order to peel off the skin.

important to consult your doctor

It should be noted that cinnamon may interact with medications of diabetes and may lead to a reduction in blood sugar if used indiscriminately, so patients should consult their doctor to find out the origins of the appropriate use and quantity. People who have liver problems must use cinnamon with caution because it may exacerbate their problem.


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