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Classic French Service

Updated on February 18, 2009

Classical French service is elegant and spectacular. With this style of service, eating is an occasion. Instead of one server, guests have various servers with various levels of expertise. These servers use a brigade system in which each server is responsible for a specific duty. Here’s a brief overview of the brigade.

Chef de Service

The dining room manager is referred as the chef de service or chef de sale. The chef de sale understands all of the inner workings of the front of the house or the service staff. Their responsibilities include but are not limited to inventory, schedules and the overall management.

Chef de Rang

The Chef de Rang is like a station supervisor. Their responsibilities are supervising and organization of their station.

Commis de Rang

Also called the front waiter, the commis de rang assists the Chef de Rang. The Commis de Rang is the actual server of the food to guest.

Commis de Suite

The commis de suite is called the back waiter due to the fact that they bring all food from the kitchen to the front of the house. The commis de suite brings food out so that the commis de rang serve the food to the guest.

Commis Debarrasseur

This person is commonly known as the busser or busboy. This is where many apprentices start out. As a commis debarrasseur the responsibilites are serving the bread and water and clearing the table after guest leave.


The wine stewart is also known as the sommelier. Traditionally the sommelier would wear a siliver cup from achain around their neck. The job of the sommelier is to be the « know-it-all » of wine.


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      Amit Raj 7 years ago

      Commis de rang is known as a front waiter. A person who handles a particular station in the restaurant.