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Cleaning Your Grill & BBQ The Right Way

Updated on March 20, 2011

Cleaning Your Grill Is Important To Ensure Hygiene & Great Taste!

 In order to keep your barbecue clean you'll need to prevent food from building up on the grates. The best way to do this is to make absolutely certain that you have the time and the inclination to be cleaning your grill after every use. While there are several commercial cleaners available to use for cleaning your grill, a quality wire brush is really all you need. 

The best time to use a wire brush is when your barbecue is still slightly warm. The crispy food particles will come off a bit easier at this point. If your barbecue has a cast iron griddle or grates, it should be allowed to cool completely. Once it is cooled you can brush on some oil with a brush or paper towels in order to keep the grill in good working order.

Oiling your grill before each use will prevent food from sticking.
Oiling your grill before each use will prevent food from sticking.

Empty Your Grease Trap When Cleaning Your Grill

 If you use a charcoal barbecue it is important to clean it every time you use it. Brush off any food remains with the wire brush, then scrape away any ashes. From time to time you will need to remove the grill and scrape away everything that's built up at the bottom of the barbecue. About once a year, thoroughly clean your entire barbecue with soap and water.

Similar to a charcoal barbecue, gas barbecues should also be cleaned after every use. Some gas barbecues come with a setting called "clean", which is meant to burn off any remaining food, but it isn't always effective. It's best to still give the grates a scrape down with a wire brush. The lid and sides should be brushed down as well to remove food and grease. On a regular basis, the grate should be taken out and all food particles at the bottom should be cleaned out.

This neat electric grill brush makes clean up a breeze!
This neat electric grill brush makes clean up a breeze!

Cleaning Your Grill Regularly Is The Best Advice

 For thoroughness, you should clean all parts on a gas barbecue at least once a year. Always disconnect the gas first, and then you can remove the parts and pieces one at a time to clean beneath them. When cleaning the inside check all the burners to make sure the gas flow will not be interrupted by stuck on food. If you cannot get them clean enough to work properly then you should have them replaced. Not only is this a safety concern, but it also ensures even heat and proper cooking.

A drip pan will prevent grease and food build up inside your barbecue.
A drip pan will prevent grease and food build up inside your barbecue.

Cleaning Your Grill Properly & Thoroughly

After all parts have been removed, clean the entire barbecue with warm, soapy water. When your barbecue is clean and you put it back together, take care that the connections are all placed properly. At this point, turn on the burners and let your barbecue heat up completely in order to burn off any soap residue. The last thing you want is your perfect grilled chicken to taste like soap!

Once you've got the inside of your barbecue clean, be sure to get a quality BBQ cover to keep the outside of it clean!

Step-by-Step Instructions For Cleaning Your Grill

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    • w_elizabeth profile image

      w_elizabeth 8 years ago

      I agree with you, a clean barbecue grill can give off a tastier more smoky barbecue meal. nice hub!