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Clever Uses For Orange Peels

Updated on February 19, 2014
Clever Uses For Orange Peels
Clever Uses For Orange Peels

Oranges are an amazing fruit, and in the right season incredibly juicy and healthy. But don't limit their good use to just the inside. The orange peel can be used and reused in many clever ways.

Here are some clever uses for those left over orange peels...before you throw them away.

Let's get creative.

So what should you do, or more to the point can you do, with an orange peel after you have enjoyed eating the fruit?

Lots of things.

  1. Deter Ants: Simply place peel scraps in problem areas and it will deter ants. Or alternatively soak some in warm water (better still, blend into a puree if possible and then add to water) and pour over and into anthills.
  2. Preserve Brown Sugar: Add a few pieces to your brown sugar container to help keep it fresh.
  3. Deodoriser: Place some in your garbage bin area to provide a 'nicer' smell or even in your fridge.
  4. Cleaner: Great for cleaning your kitchen sink and bench top.
  5. Jelly Cups: If you have been able to keep at least a half of the orange peel in tact, fill up with jelly (jello) and use as a cup.
  6. Start A Fire: Dried orange peels are very oily and great for use as an alternative to kindling to start a fire.
  7. Soap: Dry it and crush it up and puts it in the soap that you are making.
  8. Deter Moths: The smell of dried orange peels also repels moths so keep in your closet.
  9. Orange Tea: Use the used peels to make orange tea. Simply place the peels in plain boiled water or add to your tea and add sugar to taste. Make sure you wash it well first.
  10. Candied Orange Peel: Slicing the peels and then simmer in a mixture of water and sugar until soft. They take a day or so to dry once removed from the water and tossed in some extra sugar.

What do you do with your orange peel?

Can you put oranges into a compost bin?

There are lots of different schools of thought on whether or not oranges and orange peels are good for compost. There is nothing particularly wrong with placing the odd orange into the compost however you need to be aware that it will take a long time to break down.

Just remember diversity is the key so mix it up with other fruit and vegetable scraps for the best compost!

Looking For More Clever Uses?

Pop on over to a la naturale, to get more ideas on ways to use and re-use things around the home.


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