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How Coke's Secret Formula was Unveiled

Updated on February 2, 2015
World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta, Georgia
World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta, Georgia

Coke's trade secret kept for 125 years

The unique and refreshing taste of the coca-cola hinges on its trade secret which is reported and recorded to have been kept for 125 years. Obviously this is done to prevent competitor from copying said formula. Understandably such a thing as a formula or trade secret is only for the sole use of that particular person or group of persons who have invested time, energy and money to develop it into its full realization That’s why the the coke company though perhaps copied, has stood the test of time and has gained success as can be gleaned from its rise in the softdrinks industry.

Only 2 people have access to the formula

Urban legend goes that as far as the secrecy of the recipe is concerned, only 2 people here on earth knew and have access to it. And that these 2 are never allowed to travel in one and the same airplane. They’re afraid that the secret formula of coke will get lost forever if tragic disaster occurs.

Armed guards watch 24 hours a vault

There’s also a rumor that in Atlanta, Georgia where the main Coke facility is, armed guards are watching 24 hours a vault which is alleged to contain the only secret copy of the formula, ready to shoot anybody who tries to steal it.

Labels are taken off

From my readings, I’ve come to know that an individual who has a big stake in the company went to the extent of peeling off the labels of the various ingredients and that identification of same be done by smell for obvious reasons.

Coke's trade secret now known

But the ingredients contained in your bottle of coke- after having been keep secret for said 125 years – now is no longer secret. The lid to the secrecy of Coke’s ingredients has been opened. Now you can tell your friends, family and other people that Coke is truly such and such because of its ingredients which are these and that.

Ira Glass revealed Coke's formula

Coke’s trade is now known worldwide. It was not whispered by a Coke’s employee to his family, friends and neighbors, but it was published in all leading media papers, in the internet for all the world to know. You can upload and copy it.

It was revealed by IRA GLASS at This American Life, a weekly radio program on Public Radio International.

Are Coke’s ingredients truly esoteric or understood by only a few?

They are nothing but a sprinkling of stuff in your kitchen, including: alcohol, orange oil, lemon oil, nutmeg oil, and cinnamon.


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