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Coconut oil & abdominal fat

Updated on January 10, 2015


Coconut | Source


Margarita Island 2015 Waterland Park Dec 2014
Margarita Island 2015 Waterland Park Dec 2014 | Source

Coconut Oil and Abdominal Fat

A study conducted in 2009 and published in The Journal Lipids was to test the effects after delivering 2 tablespoons coconut oil to a group of 20 women and 2 tablespoons soy equal to another group of women in the span of 28 days.

The results opened a new door in the weight loss area. Image that this new approach may be useful in your case. Furthermore, following the exact procedures you will be able to lose up to 20 pound in just few months without compromising your health.

There are several recipes with coconut added that can help you lose weight and what's more important you will enjoy eating those meals. I have a blog where I publish content about health, new technology and several topics about general interest . You can find my blog just searching in Google for "praz3fa general interest" once there just search for "Coconut oil & Abdominal fat"

About me

About me

My name is Jose Vasquez. I am maintenance engineer and my hobby is to write articles about health, cars, sports betting, online business.

My Blog: General Interest


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