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Coconut water is good for your daughter

Updated on September 11, 2015

"Coconut wata gud fa yu daughta"

I could hear the sound in the distance, with what seem like a calypso rhythm. It was the sound of a man crying out, “Coconut wata, gud fa yu daughta”. It ceased for a moment, and as I found out, it was for some one to make a purchase. Then without warning it began, even louder than it was before, as he neared the hotel that I had chosen to stay for my weekend in my vacation in the Island of the Sun.

As he drew closer to the hotel the thought of slipping into the elevator and going down to make a purchase seemed quite inviting. I have had coconut water on previous occasions and it superseded my expectations. Therefore the man’s sound of coconut water good for your daughter began to echo in my mind leading me to reason that if it was good for your daughter, as he said, then it must have appreciable advantage for the sons.

I could use some appreciable advantage while I vacationed in the Island in the Sun. If the coconut water could increase potential of mind, spirit, soul and body, then there was no time to wait. Therefore I walk quite leisurely to the elevator even though my mind was at high speed, for I was fixed on one thing, and that was to catch up with that coconut water salesman pulling that cart loaded with fresh coconuts before he was beyond a safe walking distance.

At the gate I waved at the security guard and pointed to the coconut cart and he responded, “No problem, mon”. Then he took up his position, as it was to see that all the occupants of this fine hotel were duly protected.

Most people are unaware of the fact that coconut water contains more electrolytes than packaged sports drinks. In fact it is free of cholesterol and extremely low in sugars but you could not tell by taste. It is identical to blood plasma, regulates and controls body temperature while boosting your metabolism.

This drink offered in the Island of the Sun cleanses and settles your digestive tract by killing off intestinal worms and so helps to further healthy digestion. It aids the body in colds and flu prevention and even helps in hangovers.

I couldn’t help noticing the razor sharpness of the man’s machete as he readied my 2 coconuts. And as I took each gulp of mother earth’s medicine, I could hear him in my mind saying, “Coconut wata, gud fa yu daughta” and in my mind I added, your sons too, brother, your sons too”.

I took an additional 2 coconuts to go and told him to keep the change. He nodded his head in approval and then he said as a parting gesture, “Respect”.

Jamaica, West Indies

Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies:
Montego Bay, Jamaica

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    • ElderRedwood profile imageAUTHOR

      Apostle Redwood 

      2 years ago from Liberty Temple, Chicago

      I have never tried chocolate-coconut-water. Both have such an "expressive taste" ..


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