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Cocotte Le Creuset

Updated on January 24, 2011

The cocotte Le Creuset is probably the item of cookware that this company is most famous for. What exactly is a cocotte? Well depending which country you are from, you probably know it better as a French oven, Dutch oven, or casserole dish. These cooking pots with lid are ideal for cooking dishes that require slow and long cooking such as casseroles, soups and stews. They are incredibly versatile pieces of kitchen equipment that no cook should be without – as well as use on the stove, they can also be used in the oven for roasting or baking.

Le Creuset cocottes are some of the best quality cookware available for your kitchen today. The Le Creuset company was founded in France in 1925 and still produces their cast iron cookware in their foundry in Fresnoy-le-Grand today, after which it is shipped to be sold all over the world. Le Creuset are best known for their enameled cast iron cookware which comes in a range of different colors. They also produce some stoneware, enameled steel and silicone kitchen items.

Cocottes Le Creuset come in a range of different sizes, shapes and colors so you can choose the model that is most suitable for you, your family and your kitchen. The most popular is the Le Creuset round cocotte, although the Le Creuset oval cocotte is also a best seller. For special occasions like Valentine’s day, you might want to make a special dish in one of the heart shaped cocottes produced by the company.

Le Creuset cookware comes in a range of colors that you can choose to coordinate with your kitchen. The iconic Le Creuset Volcanic range (called flame in the United States) was the first shade available and continues to be the most popular today. There are many other different colors available in shades of red, green, white, blue, yellow and black and sometimes the company produces items in a limited edition shade such as pink.

So how exactly should you cook with Le Creuset cocottes? The possibilities with this versatile cooking pot are almost endless. The cocottes are safe for use on gas, electric, ceramic or any other hobs as well as inside the oven. On the hob, it is best to use a low or medium heat unless you are boiling liquid or reheating food. Cast iron is incredibly efficient at retaining heat resulting in an even cooking – using too high a heat may result in food being burned to the bottom of the pot.

Many one-pot dishes can be made in a Le Creuset cocotte by simmering the ingredients, adding stock and leaving to cook with the lid on for the required time. You can also use your cocotte in the oven for roasting poultry or other meats or vegetables, under the grill or even on the barbeque. It is perfectly safe to store leftover food in a cocotte in the fridge and they also look impressive when used for serving at the table. One use of the cocotte Le Creuset that has become popular in recent years is to use it for baking no knead bread which is an incredibly easy way of baking bread with perfect results every time. You can also bake a variety of cakes and other items in the oven with a cocotte.

Recently the company produced a new range called mini cocotte Le Creuset. These mini stoneware cocottes can be bought individually or in a set of four and can be used for making individual pies, mini casseroles, soups, baked pasta dishes, desserts and so on. If you’re not sure exactly what to cook or serve in these cute dishes, Le Creuset has helpfully published a cookbook titled “Le Creuset Mini Cocotte” containing 25 recipes for both sweet and savory dishes.

Happy cooking with your cocotte Le Creuset!


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