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Coffee - 10 Facts you don't know about it

Updated on June 24, 2011


"Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and as sweet as love" - Turkish Proverb.

1. The earliest proved evidence of either coffee drinking or knowledge of the coffee tree appears in the middle of the fifteenth century, in monasteries from Yemen.

2. Studies showed that coffee is the third most popular drink in the world, behind water and tea.

3. Over one hundred million people around the world have become dependent on coffee as their primary source of income. Coffee was the top agricultural export for twelve countries in the year 2004.

Asian Palm Civet

4. The most expensive coffee in the world is called Kopi Luwak (translated as civet coffee) and it is produced in Indonesia. This coffee is unique because the coffee beans that it’s used in the process are first eaten by a local animal (Asian Palm Civet). After those beans are digested locals collects them in order to make the coffee. Current price is $6600 per kilogram .

5. The ideal serving temperature for coffee is 68 to 79 °C (154 to 174 °F).

6. Although there were conducted many studies related to health issues and coffee consumption, there wasn’t decided if overall effects of coffee are ultimately positive or negative. However, studied showed that several conditions like Parkinson disease, Alzheimer disease or liver cirrhosis are developed less by coffee consumers opposed to non – consumers

7. Caffeine is on the International Olympic Committee list of prohibited substances. Athletes who test positive for more than 12 micrograms of caffeine per milliliter of urine may be banned from the Olympic Games. This level may be reached after drinking about 5 cups of coffee.

8. In the 16th century, Turkish women could divorce their husbands if the man failed to keep his family's pot filled with coffee.

9. During the American Civil War the Union soldiers were issued eight pounds of ground roasted coffee as part of their personal ration of one hundred pounds of food.

10. Coffee stood at the base on one of Johann Sebastian Bach’s cantata. In a satirical commentary, the cantata amusingly tells of an addiction to coffee, a pressing social problem in eighteenth century Leipzig, where this work was premiered.


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    • profile image

      shygirl2 6 years ago

      Great hub...I love coffee! Very informative and helpful! Those who don't drink coffee...well, they don't really know what they are missing. :D