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Coffee - Making My Own Cup of Coffee

Updated on November 27, 2015

Coffee Plus Cappuccino


I'm a Coffee Person

I like coffee, I like tea, I want you to jump with me. Wasn't that a jump rope chant? Do people even do that anymore? Jump rope? I remember a lot of competitions for jumping rope in the early 1970's. They were cool to watch.

Coffee. The coffee that I drink is labeled instant coffee, which means that I don't have to brew it myself. I just scoop some into a cup and add hot water. I also add a French Vanilla flavor Cappuccino powder to my cup so I guess I'm not a true, coffee-blooded person.

I also don't always drink it black. Some people drink it without sugar or creamer. Me? I love to put two packages of sugar in plus a couple of those liquid creamers. Yeah. If at a bottomless cup restaurant and they refill my half full cup, I'm back to beefing up the flavor with some more sugar and some more creamer. I'm sure I've got a good sugar buzz going instead of a caffeine high by the time I'm done drinking them.

I Have a Green Thumb

I have tried growing a coffee plant from a roasted coffee bean. Yep. I found out that if you keep it wet enough and under a grow light, that coffee bean will sprout a coffee tree. I got so far as to get a small root coming out of my coffee bean. I planted it in dirt and then I killed it. Or it just grows so slow that I'll never see sprout out a leaf. Plus, with potting soil on it, I cannot see my progress.

I've got a few germinating again, so I'll have to keep you posted if they ever sprout.

These Are Coffee Beans


My Failed Coffee Tree

Perhaps I should water it...
Perhaps I should water it... | Source

How About You

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Egg Coffee

Now if you are a truly hardcore coffee drinker, like those found at ladies aid functions, sometimes you run across egg coffee. Egg coffee was created probably by accident, but all it means is that you brew the coffee without a paper filter and that you use an egg to capture the coffee grounds. Supposedly the coffee is mixed with the egg and dumped into the water.

The egg poaches, the coffee grounds cook into the egg, the water is brewed and you don't have to use a paper filter.

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    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 2 years ago

      That egg coffee thing almost makes look around to see if it's April the 1st again. Strange concept!