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Coffee Vs. Tea- What’s Trending Now?

Updated on November 1, 2014

Ahh! The love for Coffee

Coffee is high on caffeine to provide you that much needed boost for slogging through the day and to keep your brain booted up for that end of the day board meeting. However every time you head for the coffee machine you need not always feel guilty of having tricked your body to work even when it requires rest. Your cup of espresso has large quantities of antioxidants which keep your body safe from oxidants. One of the primary reasons why you along with your comrades head for the coffeee machine is the smell of freshly brewed coffee which relaxes and de-stresses all of us. Coffee is found in many variants- latte, cappuchino, mocha and so on!

But if coffee is nothing but a steaming cup of goodness why do health magazines show perfectly shaped men and women holding a cup of tea?

A Cup of Tea Makes Everything Better

Tea is the all essential beverage staple in every Indian, Chinese and Japanese household and is the first thing offered to guests sometimes even before water and it also forms an important prop in an English play. So what actually drives you to choose a cup of tea over creme latte? If it is to shed away your caffeine guilt then you are absolutly right because tea has half the caffeine of coffee. Tea leaves have flavonoids which make it ‘The all healthy drink’. It provides you antioxidants of the same quantity as fruits and veggies. Added to that, it can lower risks of ovarian cancer and death due to poor heart conditions. The antioxidants save your body from pollution and also slow down your aging process.

The War Between the Two!

What actually makes you drink tea is not its health benefits or magazine covers advising you to do so. Tea offers you an escape when you cuddle the warm cup in your hands. Tea also forms a part of your identity and maybe this is why you prefer to stock up on different tea blends and just one or two flavours of coffee.

So if you are to enter a debate of Coffee Vs Tea, I sugget you fight it on grounds of why, when and where you are holding your preferred cup of beverage. If it’s before a board meet or an interview the caffeine boost will calm your nerves and boot up your confidence to give you that added X-factor for wooing your boss. On the other hand if it’s a quiet evening with family and friends or when you are ready to embrace you bed after missing it like a lover, you better choose tea. Tea has a lot of qualities which enables us to live a better lifestyle!

So, in my opinion choose Tea. Maybe I am a bit partial towards it and usually consume 5-6 cups a day, hence I am more affectionate towards it, but it is the only beverage that makes your day better and helps you feel good!

But don’t hesitate to give your valuable opinions regarding your favourite beverage!

What Do You Prefer?

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