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Coffee the Cure All Drug

Updated on April 2, 2012

Coffee is one of the best products on the market. It provides so many benefits as minimal cost. You can spend your 1-3 dollars to get a cup of coffee out or you can brew it at home. You can go to a quality coffee house and take in the aromas or you can go to a Dunkin Doughnuts and drink pretty sh**y coffee, it is all your choice. But what coffee provides at such a minimal cost is glorious.

Coffee House

If you choose to go to a coffee house like myself the experience is wonderful. Friendly staff, quality coffee, aromas of coffee and pasty filling the air, and best of all a place to socialize. You can sit and meet people and talk in a warm atmosphere. You can work on school work or business. Or you can just people watch. Whatever it may be the coffee house provides you an opportunity to relax, enjoy life and sip on a nice drink.


Coffee itself provides so many benefits. Studies are now showing it can help reduce depression, increase energy and motivation, decrease chances of getting cancer and reduce suicidal thoughts. It helps wake up a lot of people and reduces headaches for some. No medication on the market that provides all these benefits at such a low cost. With minimal side effects coffee is an absolute in many peoples lives.

Coffee Haters

I am not really sure how such a person can exist. But many of people do. Most of the time the complaint is they do not like how coffee tastes. This is interesting to me because it is like telling a person you don’t like wine. With so many varieties and flavors the chances are you just haven’t found the coffee that matches your pallet. If this is you I suggest you go to a coffee house ideally one that roasts their own coffee and tell them the notes and flavors you like. They will be able to make suggesting for you. Similar to going to a wine expert they can typically match you to the perfect coffee.

So next time you are stressed tired, feeling the blues…go to a coffeehouse grab a nice cup of Joe and enjoy your day.


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    • ladeda profile image

      ladeda 5 years ago

      I sure hope all the health benefits coffee provides are true! My life wouldn't be complete without the time I spend in coffee shops, sipping my latte.