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Cold Pressed Juice

Updated on October 9, 2013
Goodnature X-1 Commercial Cold Press Juice Press
Goodnature X-1 Commercial Cold Press Juice Press | Source

Is Cold-Pressed Juice Really Better?

How many people would be willing to pay up to $10 a bottle for eight ounces of juice? A whole bunch, apparently. Now being reported as a $5 billion business, the fresh-pressed juice industry is growing at 8% annually. Is this all hype, or is fresh, cold-pressed juice really better?

"There's no denying it tastes better," says Dale Wettlaufer, founder and CEO of Goodnature Products, Inc., a family owned juice press and pasteurizer manufacturing company based out of Buffalo, NY. "What really attracts people to cold-pressed juice is that there is minimal processing involved, meaning the juice is extracted without destroying all the nutrients and enzymes."

The key difference between hydraulic pressed juice extraction, and the alternative, centrifugal juice extraction, is fast moving parts. When the blades in a centrifugal juicer spin at up to 16,000RPM there is an abundance of heat produced by friction. The hot blades then contact the produce, destroying sensitive enzymes, lowering the nutritional value of the juice, and effecting the taste.

Hydraulic juice presses work by slowly applying pressure until all of the juice is drained from the produce. The process is slow, natural, and wholesome. The other advantage of cold-pressing juice is that hydraulic juice presses are able to extract up to 30% more juice out of the same produce when compared to centrifugal juice extractors. Dale adds, "Having the highest possible yield is vitally important, especially to the commercial juicing industry where less waste means lower cost, to both the customer and the business."

Goodnature Products is not the only company that believes in cold-pressing juice. In fact, one of their clients, Evolution Fresh, was recently bought by Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ: SBUX). Evolution Fresh distributes cold-pressed juice to thousands of grocery and health food stores nation-wide. On march 19th, 2012, Evolution Fresh opened the doors to its first retail store. The store is complete with the first ever "juice wall" that offers an entire wall of choices of cold-crafted juice. The store also offers all-natural salads and soups, and some other things you might expect to find in a Starbucks. One thing you won't find at Evolution Fresh, however, is the word "Frappuccino" anywhere on the menu.

The future of the fresh juice market is uncertain, but many companies are betting on the fact that it's here to stay. As far as Evolution Fresh is concerned, they've already opened their fourth store, and are planning further expansion in 2013. In Dale's opinion, "the world is becoming increasingly health conscious, and juicing is not a fad diet, it's a life-style change. As long as people care about their health, they will choose pressed juice over the alternative."


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      2 years ago

      Hello, Good morning

      This is Ms. Jyothi.M from Sindhuligadi Phalphul Products Pvt Ltd., . Our company is in Kathmandu , Nepal

      I'm looking for juice extractor machine, we are interested in your product ,commercial hydraulic juice machine. so please send me the quotation and video clips of the processing of machine.

      Please, kindly provide:

      FOB price per piece

      Minimum order quantity

      I would appreciate your early reply in advance.


      Ms. Jyothi.M.


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