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College Friendly Drinks

Updated on October 16, 2010

College is the time where money is tight and alcohol is plentiful but after a while, cheap beer and shots of cheap liquor gets old and you need something to spice up the night. Here are a few drink suggestions that don't need ten types of liquor or ingredients to make.

1. Screwdrivers. Possibly the most common of the drinks at my school. Orange Juice and Vodka. The orange cuts the taste of even the worst vodkas, making it drinkable.

2. Voddy and Cranny (Vodka and cranberry). This is my favorite drink ever. It will stain your clothes but it's the best drink in my book (and cheap too!). I've been experimenting with a lot of types of cranberry juice and cran-raspberry juice is the best thing to happen to Vodka in a very long time.

3. MANGO!! Mango Vodka and Peach Mango V8 Fusion is a great combination. It's sweet, delicious, and does the job.

4. Jell-o shots. I have a really great recipe in my hubs for these. It's a great way to use vodka. (Also tried with tequila, not a very good idea.)

5. Rum and Coke. This should get me points for creativity. Dr. Pepper is also great with rum.

6. If you have a blender and a freezer full of ice pops (like I usually have), try blending vodka or rum with pink and orange pops or green and blue. Both are excellent combinations and very delicious. (Citrus Vodka with Pink and Orange Vodka is called a tropical freeze).

7. Lemonade and Vodka. This can be made literally half and half and you won't taste the vodka. I like pink lemonade and only drink this on nights I don't intend on remembering.

8. Grape Soda and Grape Vodka. It's so grape it's insane.

9. WATERMELON! Cut a hole in a watermelon and pour in about 2/3-3/4 of a handle of watermelon vodka. Let it absorb the alcohol then enjoy. Another fun way to use vodka.

10. Skittles Vodka. Definitely a really fun way to drink vodka. You'll need directions from online but it's fantastic and as fun to make as it is to drink.

11. Pez. A shot of peach schnapps, and lemonade. Tastes like pez candy!


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