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College Food

Updated on November 17, 2014

Across most of the United States, no matter what school you choose to attend, one thing will be in common: the food. Usually, campuses decide to stick with the same format cruise ships use to feed the general population, which is buffet style serving of common foods many individuals enjoy, such as burgers, fries, pizza, etc. why do they decide to take this approach? Well, here is the basic answer; it is a lot easier to serve these foods at their cafeterias than have a huge variety of foods and have a large amount of it thrown out. This is also more cost effective for the same reason. also, by sticking to this approach, the University can basically guarantee that everyday, every student will have something to eat. If they were to serve specific meals, there may be a great amount of people who wouldn't enjoy that particular meal and end up either forcing themselves to eat or not eating at all. There is also the other side of this, where the school actually has an abundance of options to choose from. this may lead to a loss of money on the Universities side, as they'd have to end up throwing away a good amount of food.

How do you feel about the food provided at your University or College campus?

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