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Comfort Foods

Updated on March 18, 2014
delicious but not my comfort food
delicious but not my comfort food

What is your comfort food?

Do you have a comfort food?

There are foods and other food items that my pantry cannot be without. The list is long but the basics are chick peas, couscous, sea salt, black pepper, olive oil, and hot sauce. If any of these are missing, no matter what else I have, something is just not right.

Now do not get me wrong, there is much more than I requires and use and I am taking vegetables, fruits, and meat for granted in this list, because my interest in them varies both with the season and my mood.

I would not call any of the items, on my list, comfort foods, essential yes, but I consider a comfort food to be something that I turn to when I am feeling tired or beginning to come down with a cold, for example.

I love chocolate and it does come close, sugar free, chocolate that is, but still no gold star. Peanut butter is another favourite but I do not eat it anymore, mainly because my favourite type of peanut butter is not the organic, salt and sugar free type but the right off the shelf, sticks to the roof of your mouth variety.

Besides, I can’t stop eating peanut butter; much like chocolate and any food that you eat regularly is not a comfort food.

Soup, especially, homemade soup is great during the cold weather and is often our first course. It warms the body and the heart so certainly qualifies as a comfort food. But we eat it several times of week so that puts soup, in general, in a category other than comfort food.

However, soup in particular is another matter. If I had to pick one comfort food, it would be tomato soup, once again, preferably homemade, but hey out of the can will get the job done.

My relationship with tomato soup and comfort goes back some 30 years to a time when I was working the night shift. Every night about 3 am, I get a cup of tomato soup from the vending machine rather than coffee. It was not that tasty but it perked me up and it still does.

What is your comfort food?


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