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Commercial Orange Juicers Deliver Tasty Health Benefits

Updated on June 26, 2010

Widely known to boost the immune system and effectively treat aliments from fatigue to arthritis and high blood pressure, orange juice is a popular and effective ‘superfood’ consumed by millions of people every day. Like great coffee made from fresh-ground coffee beans, fresh squeezed orange juice cannot be mistaken for its prepackaged cousin. Fresh juice is also more nutritious than prepackaged options. More vitamins are retained in fresh squeezed and there is no reason for pasteurization or the use of preservatives. Fresh squeezed is usually available in finer restaurants. Families who consume a lot might even opt to purchase their own commercial grade orange juicer so they can enjoy the health benefits and superior taste of fresh squeezed without as much work as squeezing by hand with a manual orange juicer.

Because purchasing a professional orange juicer can be a significant financial investment, take the time to evaluate all your possible choices using some basic criteria.

Easy to clean : Does the unit disassemble easily and are the parts dishwasher safe?

Easy to use : Is the collection container clear?

Otherwise it will be difficult to gauge exactly how much has been made.

Zumex professional orange juicers are very high end and well regarded in the industry. The company offers several models which fit the basic criteria. Units can be completely cleaned in 5 minutes, and the parts are dishwasher safe. Most Zumex models dispense the drink directly into your glass, so there is no issue regarding a clear collection container. The more powerful models can produce an impressive 66 ounces per minute, and can be used with any citrus fruit, so these machines could be used to make fresh squeezed grapefruit, lemonade, and limeade.

Sunkist’s commercial juicers are a smaller, more economical option for professional or at-home use. At a lower price point, Sunkist’s models are easy to clean and the removable parts are dishwasher safe. Like the Zumex machines, Sunkist’s models also release liquid directly into the drinking glass, and are designed to process all citrus fruits. Waring offers commercial orange juicers that require a smaller financial investment while still delivering great performance.

Waring’s models are quickly and easily disassembled and all the removable pieces are dishwasher safe. Just like the larger, higher priced brands, these units process all citrus fruits and deposit the liquid directly into the glass. However, these less expensive models do require more hands-on attention during use and have a much smaller maximum capacity.

With so many varied options, finding a unit that fits your personal needs and budget is an easy task. Once your decision is made, you can soon be enjoying this fresh, healthy drink right in your own kitchen. For more information on orange juice machines visit Village Views.


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