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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Eggless Baking Cakes

Updated on November 11, 2015

I was 15 when I baked my first vegetarian eggless cakes! It turned out good (yes, i'm underplaying everyone requested me to make another round :D). However, the next one was a disaster and my ego took a big beating, to say the least. Between then and now, even though I have been an infrequent baker, I have possibly done all sorts of baking errors and many a times Google didn't really come to my rescue. So listing down some of the common mistakes that you must avoid when baking an eggless cake.

In vegetarian cakes, the absence of egg is made up with right combination of maida (common flour) and baking powder+soda. If you don't get that right the cake will settle down after rising. Here are other reasons why the eggless cake settles down after rising:

  • The quantity of baking powder or soda may be a little more
  • Quantity of maida may be less
  • You may have gone overboard with sugar
  • The batter may be too thin and inconsistent
  • Tin may have been move too much while baking

For even baking, the cake tin should be kept in the centre rack of the oven with sufficient space all round.

Cake is too heavy and less spongy

One of the most annoying vegetarian cake disaster is when it becomes heavy and less spongy! Simply because it's close to perfect and yet not there, causing much frustration. Experience has taught one of the following baking mistakes has been committed:

  • Quantity o f baking power and soda would be too less.
  • Butter and sugar mixture has not been whipped smoothly even! Also, may be the maida is not mixed in parts and gently. Let it slowly blend in.
  • Quantity of maida is more than required.

Use the exact quantity of the ingredients, given in the recipe. It is most important as the taste and texture of the cake depends on this.

Cake Surface is Crispy or Hard

Many a eggless cakes become too hard on the surface and also develop cracks. They tend to mislead people into thinking the entire thing would just be a disaster! Here is what would probably be wrong:

  • You haven't added enough maida
  • Definitely the quantity of baking soda and powder is way too much.
  • You probably have added less butter.
  • While pouring the batter you may have not ensured equal distribution, leading do part parts being too thick.
  • Maida is not mixed evenly or correctly whipped.
  • Over or microwave temperature was set too high or left high for too long.

To check is the cake is baked, insert a knife or a toothpick in the centre of the cake. If it comes out clean, the cake is ready or else, give it some more time.

Some Eggless Cake Baking Tips

In addition to these situations that you may face, here are some tips that will help you bake your eggless cake better:

  • Sieve all the ingredients in the powder form i.e. maida, sugar, coco powder, baking soda, etc right before you use them/ This removes the lumps and makes the cake spongier as the ingredients blend in easily.
  • Tempting as it may be do not open the oven/microwave door frequently. This affects the baking of the cake and causes it to not rise and slump down.
  • Butter makes the cake softer, it cold be replaced with margarine. However, too much may make it greasy!
  • Pour the cake batter in the greased and dusted tin for about 2/3 of the tin's size, giving it enough space to rise. Also, tap the tin gently to ensure there is no air bubble in the batter. Immediately add it to the oven or microwave to bake.


I truly hope this is of help to you guys. The most important thing is to get your measurements right esp that of maida + baking powder + baking soda. Be absolutely sure about this and you would be totally sorted. Also, let the cake cool down for about 10 minutes before you start decorating it. See how it adjusts to the normal temperature before you put in efforts to garnish it.

In addition to these if you have any suggestions that I could add in here, please share them in the comment section!


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