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Concannon Central Coast 2007 Merlot

Updated on November 23, 2012

We chose the Concannon 2007 Merlot for our Thanksgiving meal. The main reason for our choice was because we had not seen it on the shelf before and its presentation is quite stunning. Since I am a big fan of all tiers of the central coast merlots, I figured we would be in for a great surprise. It turned out to be a lovely choice.


I can't imagine uncorking a bottle of merlot and being disappointed in the aroma. It would spoil the experience greatly. Concannon does not disappoint. Its fragrant aroma is full and fruity with a pungency that tells you that you are dealing with professionals.


Concannon is a consistent garnet color. It is quite clear and crisp.

As I already mentioned, the bottle was elegantly styled. It is silver embossed with very nice detail. Including the cork and cork cover. I often judge a wine by its label. A poorly designed label will deter me from trying a certain kind of wine, and if I like the label very much, I tend to look favorably upon the wine but I will not necessarily buy it again.


Thank you Concannon Vineyard. For what, you ask? For producing the wine correctly. Everything was as it should be with merlot: the tannins gave it structure, the fruit flavors were not overwhelming, the wine glides throughout the mouth easily and leaves you with a slight pucker finish. A beautiful and fully enjoyable experience.

This wine would be delicious with many different dishes. It went well with our grilled ham, spaghetti squash, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. It would also go especially well with a cheese based pasta dish such as chicken alfredo or shrimp scampi.

Rating 1-5

I have no qualms in giving this wine a full-fledged 4. It was worth every sip.


"You had me at merlot." ~ unknown

"Approach it with caution; I mean wine is deceptive, anything can happen." ~ Lemmy Kilmister


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