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Condiments From Your Cupboard Product Review! Sainsbury’s So Organic Mayonnaise

Updated on October 8, 2012

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MMMM-mayonnaise! There are certainly very few of us who aren’t partial to the delights of this originally French delicacy, constructed out of egg yolks, vinegar, mustard powder, oil and perhaps a few extra ingredients. Would you be one of them? Whether it’s a delicious accompaniment to salads, a relish added to a hamburger, an extra-naughty addition to fries or whatever your own favourite usage is, mayonnaise is a delicious condiment that enhances almost any savoury dish you could care to name (at least in my opinion!)

Sainsbury’s supermarkets stock a mayonnaise in their ‘So Organic’ brand which uses pasteurised free range eggs (and this comes in both plain and garlic mayonnaise variants). So, ever the long suffering reviewer, I decided to try it and report back to you! Just kidding: I'm addicted to the stuff and just retrieved my half-empty jar out of the fridge in order to give you the yummy details, of course. I've been scarfing it down for quite a while now, in sandwiches, on chips, you name it, a loyal and dedicated customer. Never let it be said that my reviews aren't based on actual experience and truthful opinion! (The garlic mayonnaise version is especially yummy. Well worth checking out, if you don't have your own garlic mayonnaise recipe on hand.)

But what if you have major concerns about food quality and animal welfare, that come into play when you come to choose your brand of mayonnaise? You may be intending to seek out a brand of mayo that uses only free range eggs, or perhaps an organic mayonnaise. According to the Organic Society, organic standards of animal welfare are even higher than those required in order to label eggs free-range. Reassuring!

What's the crucial nutritional info regarding Sainsbury's So Organic Mayonnaise? If you're interested in fat content due to health or weight loss concerns, then it may be useful to you to know that this product contains 80.6 grams of fat per one hundred grams of product. That seems pretty high: but I guess it's all in how much you use and how often you indulge! And hey, all the egg used is free-range, according to the label: at least you're being kind to animals when you buy a jar. Well, that's my excuse at least, and I'm sticking to it!


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