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Confronting assaults on our families, faith and freedom - Parenting resources- family & parenting

Updated on April 6, 2012

This hub is based on Washington Times columnist Marybeth Hicks's latest book 'Don't Let the Kids Drink the Kool-Aid'. If you like to purchace this book, click on the Amazon link at the end of this article.

Here are some of the key ideas from the book:

What is a Kool- Aid?

Kool aid are the messages from the culture that our kids are getting from the educational system, educational infrastructure in our nation, in the media , pub culture which are all sending one message to kids about the way they should shape their beliefs, how to mold them, which actually don't fit with our traditional views on family and faith.

Our political system is plotting the demise of traditional families.

It's everywhere. Where ever our children experience the culture, they learn that family is obsolete, a family doesn't need a mom , dad and children. Families can be any group of people who loves each other and cares each other, that necessary last forever.Kids are not growing up to understand the building blocks of a true family. Our society and culture are dependent on it, in order to survive.

What is seen in the educational system that is undermining families?

In her book Marybeth argues that implementation of the sexuality education training in public schools is ruining our family culture. For instance in California, history and social studies teachers are asked to teach gay history as the American history. Instead of framing history from the standpoint of what is significant in the past, we are going to look at history by dividing people on the basis of sexuality. California is the largest buyer of texbooks and all the text books has to be made California worthy and rest of us all have to have the same text books. Our kids have to learn this. This teaches the children that a family is anything that we decide it can be.

Campaign against GOD

It is alarming that more and more young Americans are dropping religion. Without religion there is no moral compass. If we all started doing what we think is right, what will be the situation of our nation? There are so called family shows where where Jesus and God are recurring characters and using blasphemous humours, sexual situations gives the message that Christians are judgmental. On one hand God is a joke and on the other hand God is judgmental and kids gets all these messages and of course will lead them to irreligious life.

Parenting under assault

Now a days when ever a parent is trying to discipline the child, it is made to look as a child abuse. Government is trying to intervention in the life of individual families, telling us how we can parent our children, telling us what is best for discipline. Most alarming situation is the acknowledgement and advancement of children as sexual beings by the department of health and social service. It is like looking at children as sexual objects. In fact, it for promoting the agenda of planned parenthood so that they could counsel young children about birth control, contraception and abortion.

Our society is glamorizing evil and darkness. We need to recognize that there are consequences for that. Parenting is a skill that has been completely lost and many don't know what to do any more.

You don’t have to be a parent to be concerned. In fact, the result of this campaign to indoctrinate our nation’s youth will affect every one of us, regardless of our family status ,” warns Hicks.


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