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Connecting the World with Food: Karan A Chanana

Updated on August 11, 2016

What people look for these days, especially when it comes to food, is quality. With the increase in the rate of advancement of technology, people also believe in quantity, and it is indeed possible to produce good quality products that too in great quantities, and this is something that Amira Nature Foods Ltd has been doing for a long time now. This company has reached new levels and soared new highs in the last few years under the able leadership of their current chairman of the board of directors, Karan A Chanana.

Little about Karan A Chanana

Chanana, who has a degree in commerce from Delhi University, took over officially the reigns of his family business in the month of February in 2012 when he became the chairman of this company. Since then Chanana has broken new grounds. This company, which had been established way back in 1915 by his ancestors, has always focussed on the production of the finest quality basmati rice, and then, exporting it to the other parts of the world as well so that everyone can get a taste of the finest Indian basmati rice. Today, Amira has made its mark in 40 different countries and Chanana has no plans of stopping. He wants to expand his “kingdom” further, and he promises that what has become 60 countries from 40, will surely become 70 by the end of 2017!

Chanana’s vision and mission

Chanana is very set on how he wants to look at his food empire, which is growing with each passing day. He has two driving principles that dictate his business policies and outlook:

It is true that the world is becoming smaller with each passing day, and new and improved modes of connectivity are making it possible. You can reach out to anybody in any part of the world today without having to spend much effort. However, as the world becomes smaller, what people are becoming increasingly aware are of the cultural and national boundaries. Chanana believes that food is the universal language, which can break down barriers and make us forget borders, thus making the world smaller and even better through “Food Connect.”

The second principle that Chanana focuses on has to do with our health. As the quality of a lot of farm-produced goods go down due to the excessive use of fertilizers, people are becoming more and more conscious ofwhat to eat. In such a situation, Chanana believes in following the policy of “Passion for purity.” He states that the company has always believed in the production of rice, and agro-based goods of the highest quality and Chanana has no plans of comprising that. Amira Nature Foods Ltd has actually set up the first automated rice mill in India, and hence, production is carried out here without any human interference that might tamper the quality of the product.

Thus, Karan A Chanana with these principles of ‘Food Connect’ and ‘Passion for Purity’is all set to connect the world through the language of food.


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