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Consider This If You Want To Live Off The Land.

Updated on April 30, 2011
farm land
farm land | Source

What to do before quitting your job to live off the land

Many people have a dream of leaving a large city and the corporate world to live off the land. They are seeking a calm and serene lifestyle. Most want to be self-sufficient and grow their own food. This can be a wonderful experience or it can be very unpleasant if you do not have a plan.

Get debt-free so you can save enough cash to purchase your new land. Before making your move, get tight-fisted with your money and save, save, and save. Plan for the worst-case scenario and hope for the best.

Locate your land and make sure you have water available. Land without water is useless. If there is a spring or well water in place, this is great. Have the water tested for contaminates.

Is there access to electricity? Some remote areas do not have access to electricity. You may choose to go with a solar system which can be expensive or you can use a generator. There are many books about these forms of making your own electricity. You will need some way to have electricity for periods of time to use a computer, well pump, or power tools, etc.

FSBO’s (for sale by owner) may be a good way to purchase but don’t walk blindly into buying your home/land. A lot of swamp land has been bought and sold-----know what you are getting. If the property has been declared a wetland, you cannot use that portion for anything useful – like growing a garden.

When you find your dream  home/acreage, seek the services of a Title Company that conducts real estate closings, title examinations, and has title insurance ( this is not to be confused with a title loan company) if a real estate agency is not involved in your land purchase.

If you find the perfect site in another state, it may be wise to visit the area and talk with the locals to get a feel for the neighborhood. Search the county and state laws, codes, and other criteria they may require. For example; there may be property restrictions prohibiting you from owning chickens, cows, goats, or other farm animals. There may be restrictions about the type of housing that is allowed. Be diligent, look at your plan, and make sure that you are within restrictions, codes, laws to whatever you wish to do on this property. Never assume something is possible.

Having an income is a need not a want. You may be able to raise most of your food and you may be able to barter some services; however, you will still need money tor emergencies, living expenses, and a host of other things that you may not have thought about.

You may have that covered with a work from home idea or reality. The internet has endless ways of adding income to the living off the land lifestyle. Some people choose to commute for a while if they will live within a couple of hour’s drive or less of their workplace.

I’ve read about some who have an entrepreneurial spirit creating very successful online businesses. They never have to leave home because everything is picked up and/or delivered—they just re-package and apply shipping labels that are printed on their computer. This does require planning, research, and work because few enterprises are simple or easy.

Learn all you can about living off the land before you quit your job. Raising farm animals does require knowledge about the care, feeding, and housing of these animals. There are many good books available on the subjects. I highly recommend anything by Jackie Clay because she has lived off the land for many years and she has a wealth of knowledge to share.

You will want to plan for a garden to raise your vegetables and herbs. It is very fulfilling to eat a meal that has food you have produced with your own hands. The bonus is that the flavor seems to be more intense from fresh picked vegetables.

When you garden, you will need to consider how you will preserve your foods just as our ancestors did in days past. Today we are privileged to have freezers available and this can be a quick way of putting up large quantities of food. Canning is another great way of preserving your foods.  And when you add dehydrating some of your herbs, vegetables, and fruits to the mix; you will be eating healthier and enjoying the food you consume.

With proper planning and consideration, the living off the land lifestyle can be a wonderfully rewarding experience for you and your family.








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    • anidae profile imageAUTHOR

      Anita Adams 

      7 years ago from Tennessee

      Glad you dropped in for a visit, RTalloni. I believe in practicing the living off the land concept,even though,we moved into a neighborhood with restrictions (10 minutes from a city) a few years ago.

    • RTalloni profile image


      7 years ago from the short journey

      Fabulous hub. Voted up and awesome. Hope to see this highlighted with comments many times over!


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