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Cookbook Review: Quick & Healthy Recipes and Ideas

Updated on July 27, 2008

Looking for a way to introduce healthy eating into your every deal meal preparation? If so, be sure to check out Quick & Healthy Recipes and Ideas: For People Who Say they Don't Have Time to Cook Healthy Meals by Registered Dietician Brenda J. Ponichtera. You'll learn terrific tips for shopping and ideas for getting organized for meal planning that make it easy to make sure you always have supplies on hand to create healthy meals in no time at all.

The Basics of Healthy Eating

More than just a cookbook, the first part of this book is devoted to providing readers with information that can help them get in the proper mindset for preparing and enjoying healthy meals. You'll find information about food exchanges, dietary fiber, tips for reducing sodium, valuable information about weight loss, suggestions for saving time in the kitchen, and product suggestions. You'll also find suggested weekly grocery lists, as well as a list of staples that you should make a point of keeping on hand in your pantry all the time.

Meal Preparation Ideas

The book also includes a section that focuses on ideas for quick meals that anyone can prepare. Here, you'll find ideas to pull together easy meals using ingredients that you probably have on hand in your pantry and refrigerator. No recipes are needed to pull together these simple, yet healthful meals and snacks that everyone in your family is likely to enjoy. The ideas you'll find here will counter the misguided notion that it's faster and easier to grab fast food takeout than it is to throw together a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner at home.

Menu Selections

If the idea of putting together complete meals is something you find daunting, you'll be thrilled to find the variety of menus in this book. Based on the simple recipes in the book, combined with items that are probably already staples in your home, you can rely on the menu section of Quick & Healthy Recipes and Ideas to take the guesswork out of putting together tasty, well balanced meals any day of the week.


Of course, Quick & Healthy Recipes and Ideas is filled with easy to prepare, delicious, nutritious, and healthy recipes that anyone can prepare. You'll find terrific ideas here to simplify and lighten many of your favorite dishes, as well as instructions for making new and unique dishes likely to become family favorites in your household. Whether you're looking for an easy and healthy way to prepare chicken enchiladas, or you want to try hour hand at making chocolate mocha mousse for your next dinner party, you're in for a pleasant surprise when you try the terrific recipes in this book!


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    Brenda J. Ponichtera 9 years ago

    I am the author of the Quick and Healthy cookbooks. I invite you to my web site: for recipes, menus and healthy tips.